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William Candler Hodgkins, a field officer of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey in charge of the field station of the survey at Boston, Massachusetts, died at Charleston, South Carolina as the result of a sudden illness, March 21, 1922.

Mr. Hodgkins was born in Boston, October 21, 1854. He attended private schools in Boston; public schools in Cambridge until 1871; and Harvard University from 1873 to 1877. He graduated at Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard University with the degree of civil engineer in 1877.

After one season as a temporary rodman in a topographic party of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, beginning July 5, 1871, he was appointed an aid in the survey November 7, 1871. He was appointed a subassistant August 5, 1882, an assistant May 5, 1890, and a hydrographic and geodetic engineer May 18, 1920.

He was retired from the service on account of age May 18, 1920, but was recalled to active duty on the same date.

His experience in the survey was varied. He was engaged at various times in triangulation, topography, hydrography, magnetic, observations for time, azimuth, and latitude, tidal observations, leveling, boundary surveys, and exploration, including photographic reconnaissance. He served as commanding officer of several of the vessels of the survey, and for some years acted as director of coast surveys in the Philippine Islands.

He was one of the officers assigned to the duty of resurveying the Mason and Dixon Line, the boundary between the States of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and the circular boundary between Pennsylvania and Delaware, and made a report on that work. He also reran the boundary line between the States of Maryland and Virginia in Tangier and Pokomoke Sounds. He was for several years employed on the survey of the Alaskan boundary. He was one of the officers assigned to the duty of making a detailed topographic survey of the District of Columbia.

Mr. Hodgkins was a man of ability in his profession and accomplished much valuable work of which the results are now in the archives of the survey.

He is survived by his widow and one daughter.

C&GS BULLETIN, No. 83, 4/30/1922

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