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sms nonwoven machine
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Date Added: 05/24/18
Last Updated: 05/24/18
Expiry Date: 05/21/28

sms nonwoven machine
Page Views: 390
Date Added: 05/24/18
Last Updated: 05/24/18
Expiry Date: 05/21/28
Product/Service Details
Product/Service Details
Product Application
1.Material:PP chip
2.Weight range:10-150g/m2
3.Fabric usage:Medical applicant,shopping bag,packing,operation suit,face mask,baby diaper.etc

Description of 2018 newest SMMS non woven machine
A.General information for nonwoven machine

Model Width Speed Weight Range Output per Day Capacity
HHM-1.6S 1600mm ≦150m/min 9-250GSM 3-6T ≈200KVA
HHM-2.4S 2400mm ≦150m/min 9-250GSM 5-7 ≈250KVA
HHM-3.2S 3200mm ≦150m/min 9-250GSM 8-10 ≈315KVA
HHM-4.0S 4000mm ≦150m/min 9-250GSM 11-13 ≈400KVA
HHM-4.8S 4800mm ≦150m/min 9-250GSM 12-15 ≈400KVA
HHM-1.6SS 1600mm ≦350m/min 10-150GSM 6-10 ≈400KVA
HHM-2.4SS 2400mm ≦350m/min 10-150GSM 10-15 ≈500KVA
HHM-3.2SS 3200mm ≦350m/min 10-150GSM 12-20 ≈800KVA
HHM-4.0SS 4000mm ≦350m/min 10-150GSM 15-25 ≈1000KVA
HHM-4.8SS 4800mm ≦350m/min 10-150GSM 18-30 ≈1250KVA
HHM-1.6SSS 1600mm ≦450m/min 10-100GSM 9-13 ≈630KVA
HHM-2.4SSS 2400mm ≦450m/min 10-100GSM 14-20 ≈1000KVA
HHM-3.2SSS 3200mm ≦450m/min 10-100GSM 19-26 ≈1250KVA
HHM-4.0SSS 4000mm ≦450m/min 10-100GSM 23-32 ≈1500KVA
HHM-4.8SSS 4800mm ≦450m/min 10-100GSM 27-38 ≈1600KVA
HHM-1.6SMS 1600mm ≦350m/min 10-100GSM 6-10 ≈800KVA
HHM-2.4SMS 2400mm ≦350m/min 10-100GSM 10-15 ≈1250KVA
HHM-3.2SMS 3200mm ≦350m/min 10-100GSM 12-20 ≈1600KVA
HHM-4.0SMS 4000mm ≦350m/min 10-100GSM 15-25 ≈2000KVA
HHM-4.8SMS 4800mm ≦350m/min 10-100GSM 18-30 ≈2250KVA
HHM-1.6SMMS 1600mm ≦400m/min 10-100GSM 7-12 ≈1500KVA
HHM-2.4SMMS 2400mm ≦400m/min 10-100GSM 10-18 ≈1600KVA
HHM-3.2SMMS 3200mm ≦400m/min 10-100GSM 14-24 ≈2200KVA
HHM-4.0SMMS 4000mm ≦400m/min 10-100GSM 17-30 ≈2500KVA
HHM-4.8SMMS 4800mm ≦400m/min 10-100GSM 21-36 ≈2630KVA
HHM-1.6SSMMS 1600mm ≦500m/min 10-100GSM 10-14 ≈1600KVA
HHM-2.4SSMMS 2400mm ≦500m/min 10-100GSM 15-21 ≈2000KVA
HHM-3.2SSMMS 3200mm ≦500m/min 10-100GSM 20-28 ≈2500KVA
HHM-4.0SSMMS 4000mm ≦500m/min 10-100GSM 25-35 ≈3150KVA
HHM-4.8SSMMS 4800mm ≦500m/min 10-100GSM 30-42 ≈3300KVA

B.Parts of spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line:
Recycle extruder---->Main extruder---->Filter---->Metering pump---->
Monomer suction device--->Spinning box(ENKA/KASEN spinneret)---->
Quenching air chamber---->Stretching device---->Web former---->

C.Spunbonded process and technical flow chart:
Additive(Recycling off-cut fabric)---->Raw material----> Melting---->
Filtering---->Measuring ---->Spinning---->Cooling---->Stretching---->
Web forming---->Calendering---->Winding----> Cutting---->Final product

D.Parts of Melt blown nonwoven fabric production line:
Main extruder---->Filter---->Metering pump---->Air heating system---->
Melt blown sprayer(ENKA sprayer)---->Web former---->Winder---->Slitter

E.Melt blown process and technical flow chart:
Raw material----> Melting---->Filtering---->Measuring ---->Air heating---->
Spraying---->Web forming---->Winding----> Cutting---->Final product

F.Nonwoven fabric usage:

(1)Medical and health usage:operation suit,garment,face mask,diaper,sanitary napkin,disposable hygiene product.etc;

(2)Home decoration:shopping bag,wall covering fabric,table cloth,bed sheet,bedspread.etc;

(3)Lining for clothes or shoes:lining,adhesive interlining,shoe lining.etc;

(4)Agricultural usage:Protection cover,nursery cover.etc;

G.Our Service
Pre-Sales Service

* Design and make plan for the workplace.

* Offer sketch map of machine and place it into the workplace

After-Sales Service

* Training training how to use the machine.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Main machine parts will be packed with wooden cases.Electrical parts will be packed with plastic and then packed into wooden cases.For the steel structure they will be packed in bulk into containers.

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  • sms nonwoven machine
  • sms nonwoven machine
  • sms nonwoven machine
  • sms nonwoven machine

Company Information(Jiashan HH Nonwovens Machinery CO.,LTD)

Company Profile:

JIASHAN HH Nonwovens Machinery co., Ltd. is professional in manufacturing and selling PP spunbonded and meltblown nonwoven fabric making machine. With the stable quality and easy operation of the nonwoven production line, our regular product includes single beam, double beam, SSS, SMS, SMMS, SSMMS and etc., regular width is 1600mm, 2400mm, 3200mm,4000mm,4200mm; Varies applications for shopping bags, home decoration, medical area, hygiene area, agricultrue, and etc. We have good reputation in spunbond area not even in China but also in other country, we have supplied to China domestic, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Australia, and etc.

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29# Xinhua Road, Jiashan County Jiaxing ZheJiang 314100
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Mr Jackie Yuan- Send Email Now!