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Business planning and entrepreneurship: an accounting approach


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CODE: BEP-B0000025

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Michael Kraten
9781606490464, 160649046X, 9781606490471, 1606490478
Business Expert Press, 2010
Total Pages: 179

Table of Content

Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1. Management Accounting and Business Planning
Part II: The Business Model
Chapter 2. Defi ning the Process Chain
Chapter 3. Justifying the Process hain With Statistical Evidence
Chapter 4. Assessing Preliminary Profitability With Flexible Budgets
Part III: Volume Estimation
Chapter 5. Estimating Supply Capacity with Process Flow Analysis
Chapter 6. Estimating Customer Demand
Chapter 7. Reconciling Supply and Demand via Quality Management
Part IV: Cost Estimation
Chapter 8. Estimating Direct and Indirect Costs
Chapter 9. Assessing Cost Structures with Activity-Based Costing
Chapter 10. Risk Management with Cost Variance Analysis
Part V: Revenue Estimation
Chapter 11. Price Targeting on the asic of Cost Behavior
Chapter 12. Competitive Pricing via Game Theory
Chapter 13. Price-Discounting Strategies
Part VI: Investment Value
Chapter 14. Cash Flow Analysis
Chapter 15. Financial adio Analysis
Chapter 16. Outcomes Management Analysis
Part VII: Risk Management
Chapter 17. Scenario Event Identification
Chapter 18. Risk Assessment
Chapter 19. Internal Control Activities
Part VIII: Conclusion
Chapter 20. Final Thoughts
Appendix: A Small Business, Single Division Illustration