This week’s winners are:

3M    98.67%                  2G     98.62%
3A     98.57%                   2E     97.24%
4M    96.67%                  1KG   95.52%

There were 80 lates recorded this week.  Doors open at 8.50 am so please make sure your child attends on time every day.  All children should be in the classroom by 9.00 am ready to start lessons.

Congratulations to the following classes who had no lates recorded this week:  6JR, 5B and 1G

Infant Playground

Please remember that parents are responsible for their own child’s behaviour while waiting on the playground and children should be supervised at all times.  Children should not play on the school equipment or be on the grass areas before or after school.

Message from Blackpool Council’s Breakfast Programme

As part of the on-going monitoring of the Blackpool Council’s Free School Breakfast Programme in Blackpool, once a term we will be asking pupils attending this school some simple questions regarding what they had for breakfast on a certain date.  We will also be using data we hold on children within the school as part of this study.  All information will be aggregated, and no one child, or their answers, will be identifiable within the analysis.  If, for any reason, you wish for your child not to take part in the monitoring, can you please let us know, and we will ensure that they are not included.

Packed Lunches

As part of our Healthy School Policy, we would remind parents that packed lunches should not contain chocolate bars or fizzy drinks.  We also ask that no nut products are brought into school (including peanut butter) as we have several children with allergies.

PE Kits

We would be very grateful for the donation of any used PE kit in good condition, including pumps, for both Infant and Junior use.

Dates for Your Diary

Weather permitting, sports events will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday, 3rd July – Years 3 and 4 at 1.15 pm on the Junior playground
Wednesday, 4th July – Years 5 and 6 at 1.15 pm on the Junior Playground
Thursday, 5th July – Years 1 and 2 at 1.15 pm on the Junior Playground
Friday, 6th July – Reception at 9.30 am on the Infant Playground