Monday, May 31, 2004

Finally Home

I'm finally home, and so happy to be here!

We arrived home last evening after driving all day - Gerry, his mother and the kids in the red hyundai, Atticus and I in the green one. We won. The dining room is filled with boxes that I need to sort through and put away, I have class there tomorrow night, but today I'm taking time to update my sales records, get all of my invoices/packing labels printed and getting set up to mail out my books when they arrive tomorrow. I'm upset that the plant has taken so long to print and ship this order, and I think I'll definitely be looking for a new printer for my next round of books!

I had a faint glimmer of hope that I might have made it to TNNA, but it's not going to happen. I don't think so - not unless a miracle occurs. Oh, well - all for the best, I'm sure!

The kids are very glad to be home. I'm still processing my feelings, feeling very overwhelmed above all. It will be very good to work my way back into a routine again. Thanks again for all of your very kind thoughts, comments and emails - they are a great comfort.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Does She or Doesn't She...

For the first time in my life I've dyed my hair
to hide the grey.

In the past 9 months I've become much greyer than I had been, but I kind of liked the look of my Perry White temples and I chalked it up to hormonal changes since my surgery and my brother's death. In the past month - especially the past few weeks - more grey hair kept appearing all over - so much - and it was so depressing to me.

Yesterday I told my cousin I wanted to get my hair colored, so we went to a beauty parlor, I got a nice, simple haircut and some lovely color. It looks very natural and I am absolutely thrilled. Next I am going to get a pedicure and a new pair of shoes. I will be a new woman by the time Gerry, Elaine, the kids, Karen, Alex & Thelma arrive.

I am enjoying this bit of time on my own, reading my mom's diary from 1937-41 when she was a factory worker and then a secretary here in Parkersburg. It's not a juicy diary, just full of daily details with an occasional "he's cute!" after some guy's name - lovely, homey and practical stuff.

Mom would really love my new hair - the color is called Cherry Coke and it's a good match to my own hair. Mom always looked so well put together. She used a rinse on her own hair - Frivilous Fawn.

I find myself thinking about my mother constantly, and I'm very surprised to find that I don't feel lonely. There's so much work I need to do in the next few days - stuff I've put off for weeks. Two big projects for a book, an entire sweater for IK (I'm sure I can get an extension) and some articles. And I start teaching on Tuesday, which I am greatly looking forward to - I love my students and my time teaching.
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This will have to be short as I'm on a public library computer in Parkersburg. I drove up from Texas on Sunday, stayed overnight in Jackson but was dismayed to find their local Kinkos had no macs. Then on to Nashville where two more kinkos HAD macs, but they had recently ripped out all of the software and hadn't reinstalled it. Then on to Bowling Green where - you guessed it - they had Macs, but not Filemaker Pro (the application I NEEDED to use) and finally to Louisville to a Kinkos WITH a mac and WITH filemaker - the only thing was I had to teach the two ladies in front of me how to scan their photographs (which I did) and finally I was able to work on my sales database for the first time in days.

Enforced stopping is not a bad thing, but I think that, along with the state that my mind is currently in, really affected my judgement and later that evening I had a fender bender in Kentucky as I was crossing into WV. I hit a car - ran a red light. I saw it and it didn't even register. No one was hurt, and aside from my air bags deploying (damn!) there was actually very little damage. Very lucky. The car runs fine (even though it looks a bit banged up in the front) and I continued to WV Monday night.

Yesterday was funeral planning. It will be a different kind of funeral. I'm not sure if many of you remember when my brother died - I dearly wanted to say a few words at his funeral but my sister in law felt it wouldn't be right, and the minister told us there wasn't enough time (however there was time for her college roommate's husband to speak for 15 minutes...)

At any rate, this funeral will be more of a memorial service with folks speaking about mom, remembering things about her - she was such a funny woman and loved a good story. Then we'll go on to the cemetary and release a bunch of pink and white and purple balloons (the kids will get to do this) and I KNOW that would make mom smile! Then back to the house where I'm staying - which is such a kindness - to have folks over for the devouring of the fried chicken (a family tradition)

With any luck I'll be home on Sunday night. I miss it. I have literally HUNDREDS of books to send out (more about that later) and so much work to catch up on that it's not even funny. And classes starting in June. Well, I'd rather be busy than bored!!

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote with such kind thoughts - they really mean a great deal to me - especially being away from Gerry and the kids (and my good friends back home) right now. I feel very alone. My cousin is here - she's more like a sister - and it feels odd because we are the last two left in the family from my mom's side. I think it will be a small funeral, but a nice one.

I'm so glad that I rushed the book a bit to have it out in time for mom to see it - it gave her great joy (especially the photo of my father) and it's worth dealing with the typo angst if it meant she got to see it 'finished!'
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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Mable Anna Williams Modesitt
May 24, 1919 - May 22, 2004

There's not much to say tonight. I sat with mom all day today, she was in constant pain and in and out of it throughout the day. Late in the afternoon I realized she had been bleeding profusely, probably due to a return of her colon cancer. She was given more pain medication and, on my decision, allowed to rest quietly for the evening. I knew that the end was coming so I called Karen to make sure she stopped by the nursing home after work with Alex (Mom's adopted grandson.)

I left the nursing home at 7:00 to to check email, get a bit of work done in anticipation of putting off my return to NJ for however long was necessary. I returned at 9:30 and stayed until around 11:00. As I left I was enervated, couldn't rest, so I drove around Dallas for a few hours listening to classic 70's rock. As I returned to the house I had a nagging feeling that I should run over to the nursing home - but I didn't.

When I walked in the door Alex told me that the nursing home had called - Mom was "limping" (Alex's English is still in the process of being perfected, he moved here from Russia 2 years ago.)

Confused, I rushed back to the nursing home and arrived just as Karen was getting out of her car - together we ran to mom's bed but it was too late. Apparently she had "gone limp" when some of the aids were helping her sit up. She went quietly and - thanks to the new drug medication that she took that evening - she went with little pain.

The funeral will be in Parkersburg, WV next Saturday. Tomorrow I begin making the arrangements. I'm exhausted - it's around 5:00 am here and I've been on the phone for the past several hours, but I can't sleep. Thus the blog entry.

I'll be driving to WV - probably leaving on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. I have a great need to be alone for a bit. I have 750 books arriving at my home, but they'll have to wait.

I will always be grateful that I was able to be here during mom's last week, and eternally grateful to Karen for all that she did for mom while I wasn't able to be here. Two nights ago, after I'd changed Mom's depend and cleaned her up, applied some cream to the awful 'diaper rash' she had and basically carried her back to bed and settled her in, I had the distinct feeling that my grandmother was telling me "Thanks for taking care of my baby..."

Mom was ready to go. I knew it would be soon, and I told her several times over the past few days, "Mom, you've done a great job, my life is good, my kids are good, Alex is great and Karen will be okay - you can go if you need to, you've done a good job..."
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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Sandwich, anyone?

I'm officially a member of the sandwich generation. My mother and my son both wear pullups, with all that implies.

Mom seems to be settling into the nursing home quite well. She slept for most of the day, she still has pain but not like she did before. She loves her Vicodan and wants it all the time, which would be troubling if she weren't 85 and full of cancer.

I want to post an apology for anyone who's ordered a book in the past week and a half - you will be getting it soon, but it's just been impossible for me to juggle all of this stuff and get the books shipped out when I'm not at my hub of operation. Home base. I sent out emails to most folks who ordered, and got nothing but kind responses, but I want my blog readers to know that there will temporarily be a delay in shipping until I get back home. I did get an order for a book (a SINGLE book) from a Borders in Virginia today - I need to call the store back. I feel like saying, "C'mon guys, you're BORDERS, cough up an order for at least a dozen!"

I'm leaving here on Sunday to drive to NJ, aiming to be back on Wednesday. Boy, I wish I had satellite radio!

Today I set up phone service for mom, requested an application and started the Medicaid process and got her a programmable phone that answers no matter what button you push (it's always been so hard for her to find the phone button when someone calls) Her phone will be on by noon tomorrow, so I have until then to find a cord long enough to go under her bed to the wall jack. It really is like moving a child into a dorm room.

Tomorrow I'm going to look for wireless headphones to go with her TV and get that moved into her room, too. I stopped in last night at 9:00 to check on her - she was asleep - and her roommate's TV was on. Mom LOVES to fall asleep with the TV on, so it made me very happy that her roommate has the same habit.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

She's In

Today was an odd one - Mom's settled into the nursing home in Rowlett, TX and seems pretty happy.

All day I had this feeling that I was taking my daughter to college to meet her new roommate. This feeling was exacerbated when I went shopping for a twin quilt for her bed, drawer storage units, made arrangements to get her pictures hung in her room and checked prices for wireless headphones for watching TV (mom's a little deaf and I don't want her loud TV to disturb her neighbors...)

Mom's roommate seems to be a lovely woman, rather quiet but very active and with a very sweet smile. I think she may have had a stroke, but I could be wrong. When I went to pick mom up at the hospital she'd had a bad night - a nurse on duty was rude to her (so mom says) and it really got under her skin. These things seem to bother mom now than they ever did before - the same way they bother my daughter, Hannah. As a matter of fact, I see so many similarities between mom and Hannah right now that it's astonishing.

When we finally arrived at the nursing home the kindness of the staff - and the fact that they laughed at mom's jokes and her vaudville shenanigans - made her incredibly happy. If she has a willing audience, mom is pretty happy. She's very outgoing, very social, and she seemed miles better than she'd seemed in weeks. I think seeing the place, seeing how active the residents are and how lovely her room is really took a lot of the fear out of her mind. I also realize that, as much as mom loves Karen and as close as they've become, it's me that she really trusts in this sense and if I say the nursing home will be okay, she's more willing to go along with it. I will try to use this power for good...

Speaking of power, we signed over medical power of attorney, a dnr order and a living will today. That, plus all of the signing when I went through the admissions process made me feel that I was getting married AND buying a home on the same day. Tomorrow my day will be spent chasing down Medicaid, filling out more forms and gathering mom's scant financial documents.

Two things struck me at the end of the day - 1) Mom said the soup she had was 'delicious' and I haven't heard her compliment food in the week I've been here... 2) Mom's roommate's last name is James, therefore the sign outside of her room reads "James Modesitt" which was both my late father and my late brother's name. Very odd, but I think a very good sign.

Knitting wise I'm not getting as much done as I would like. I'm working on that tablecloth, which is really lovely, and swatching some spirit trail stuff. To be honest, I need to have stuff that I can drop in an instant, because just sitting with mom I need to get up to take care of her needs on such a continual basis.

My sister in law - bless her heart - surprised me by having my air conditioning fixed on my car. She won't let me pay her, so I took her and my nephew out to dinner tonight. Air conditioning in Texas is a very wonderful thing.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Reality Shift

I've spent the past few days getting my mother over a bad case of - well, for no other term, diaper rash. There's nothing wrong with the hospital she's in, but they just don't have time to spend hours with one patient making sure they're clean, they get to the bathroom regularly, they get their depends changed, etc. I finally brought in some diaper rash creme that I used with my kids and it's working very well, which is a tremendous mercy because although a rash isn't a life-affecting condition, it really affects a person's frame of mind!

My mom seems better since I've been here, but she had a fall the night before last so instead of coming home she's moving into a different rehab facility. She didn't break anything, but it was a shock and she bruised herself. She was trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night and slipped. The rehab ward that she's in is closing on 5/18, so they're pushing to get everyone out, out, out. She has kind of a drill sargent of a physical therapist who, when mom said she couldn't do the therapy after she'd fallen, told one of the nurses, Patient REFUSES therapy.

I think she will be much better off at the nursing home facility. They have a rehab wing so she can be there until she's on her feet again, they have a lot of activities and it's a really lovely space. I don't really think she was well enough to come home even before the fall - and definitely not well enough to deal with a long flight of stairs (her bedroom is upstairs and my sister in law doesn't want to turn one of the downstairs rooms into a bedroom for mom - it would be quite a production and mom would still have to climb stairs to go to the bathroom!)

But as nice as the facility is, it's a nursing home and she's always wanted to avoid that. But she's 85, can't manage stairs and can't control her bodily functions. It sucks. One very good thing is that the nursing home is literally 1 mile from Karen's house, so visits will be frequent and convenient. There's a chance that mom may be coming home after a few weeks there, or not...

When mom was my age she was pregnant for me, which is why now at 42 I'm dealing with an 85 year old mom. Not that I'd be more equipped to deal with this in 10 years. I don't mean to sound annoyed - I'm just frustrated at the pain she has to go through and at the fact that I can't be here longer. The good news is that next week my cousin and her sister in law will be arriving to fill any void left by me, so they can be with her all day while Karen's at work.

I think I'll be leaving here on Saturday to drive back home. I haven't been here nearly as long as I feel I should have, but I have to get home to take care of my own family stuff, business stuff, book sales, etc. I promised my mom that I'd come back out in July with both kids.

I'm going to take my time driving back because I really exhausted myself on the drive out - lots of driving. I stopped today and got some CoEnzyme Q10 to help with my exhaustion and some Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my joints, which are troubling me. I think it's all that time in the car with my knees bent.

Maybe it's just sympathy pain...

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Big D

I arrived in Dallas this afternoon - driving from Tuscaloosa to Dallas in pretty record time (but, I insist, I was NOT the fastest thing on the road and spent most of my time in the NON passing lane!)

I went right to the hospital and mom looked better than I expected. Karen had called her a few minutes before I arrived to tell her I was coming sooner than anticipated and I think that perked her up a bit. She is very weak, though, and it's clear that she's entering a new phase in her life - the phase where 24/7 help may be required. I'll spare the gory details, but it's a good thing I'm here because she'll be coming home from the hospital - with a nurse - tomorrow and she needs the same kind of care that my kids needed when they were babies.

The woman who is sharing the room with her had her leg removed. I was speaking with her daughter and asked if it were an effect of diabetes. It turns out that the poor woman had a hangnail and the doctor flubbed the job up so much, and insisted that he could take care of it on his own for so long (several weeks) that by the time they got the infection stopped the circulation in her leg was gone. What a horrible outcome!

I just heard that my cousin - who is more like a sister - will be coming out early next week, which is good for so many reasons! It will be great to see her, great to have the women in the family together (that's all that seems to be left...) and also great to feel that I can return home to my June classes with someone else here - at least for the short term. We're going to look at senior care facilities this week and we're leaving that open as an option.
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Saturday, May 15, 2004

On Ze Road Again....

I don't know if you've ever seen the John Candy & Eugene Levy in The Shmenge Bros, The Last Polka but they're version of "on the road again" has been in my head for days.

Why? Because I'm (one, two, one-two-three) "On ze road again..."

I left on Wed and stayed overnight with Jen and her beautiful family (what gorgeous kids! - what a nice husband!) in Va - then continued down to NC and stayed with yet another Jen and her amazingly intuitive & gifted knitting daughter! I only met Jen's older daughter in passing (but she was very kind to let me use her room!) but Jen's younger daughter is a tremendously adventurous knitter - at age 13!!!

I taught several classes at Yarn Paradise in Asheville - what a great store! Renee the owner and Jen were apolgizing for the small size, but it seemed perfectly lovely to me! And what a great selection of yarns - I was very excited to prowl around the store during my classes just to see what was new!

They're moving to a new location, just a few doors up from where they are now, in June. The new building is a charming little cottage and will have a TON more room for classes. I thoroughly enjoyed my students, who were without fail terrific and engaging! Very exciting classes.

I left this afternoon and now I'm in Tuscaloosa, AL at a Kinkos. It's 11:00 pm on a Saturday and I can't help but feel that I should be doing something more exciting than spending 40 a minute to blog. Oh well, I've needed to do this for a few days to clear my brain!

Clara's review is up in Knitters Review and she's definitely a kind soul! I love her comments, her criticism is right on target and VERY helpful - I love the thought that a book is a continuing work in progress - which seems to be the way that many knitting books develop. The review has REALLY brought in a lot of orders (which I will fill as well as I can from a distance - but I've got word from home that we're officially OUT of books until the new shipment arrives at the end of this week...) and, because I'm getting to Texas sooner, I may get home sooner!

I just spoke with Gerry who told me that my mom told him (I couldn't reach her on my cell phone so I asked him to call her) that she may be getting out of the hospital on Monday - that would be amazing, and I hope not just wishful thinking on her part. The last I heard from my sister in law, she was doing better, but would need 24/7 care for a while and they were going to try to keep her in rehab for a bit.

I have to see her to get an idea - I have to see her period.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Preparing to Leave

It's always hard to determine what one should take on a trip - especially a teaching / family mix of a journey.

Two things I wish I could take would be Hannah & Maxie. But I'm teaching and would have nothing to do with them while in Carolina, or while I'm visiting my mother in the hospital every day. The separation will be hard - for me most of all (Grandma Landy will be here while I'm gone - THANKS ELAINE!) I've written to the kids teachers explaining the situation so they'll understand if the kids are having a hard time while I'm gone.

So I'll spend the morning packing, then when Gerry gets home from work (around noon) I'll leave to drive down to Jen's and stay overnight, then continue down to NC on Thursday to arrive for my classes on Friday.

My classes in Virginia have been cancelled due to ongoing shop renovations at Limerick Fibers - which is kind of a relief to me, to be honest. I can get down to TX to mom a bit quicker, and perhaps home a bit sooner...

The book orders have been amazing! I'm almost completely sold out of the first print run, and have scheduled a second printing that should arrive here around 5/24. I may have some shipped to Texas as I'll be leaving there around 5/25 or 5/26 if all is well.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Back in Time

The past few weeks here in South Orange have been so idylic - the weather is warm, sunny - and even the thunderstorms have a cinema-esque feeling to them. I've watched the gang of kids from the neighborhood (Han & Max, plus two next door, four the next door down and 2 from down the street) and they look like the Little Rascals running around the backyard, playing tag, laying on the grass and staring at the clouds.

I was thinking that it almost seems as if we were living in the South Orange of the 40's. Then our dryer broke and I had to put up a laundry line today to dry the clothes. I REALLY feel as if I've gone back in time (and, of course, blogging about it is a little surreal!)

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was REALLY hoping to be selected for Colonial House (the PBS reality show) I'm sure there were valid reasons that I didn't even make the first cut, but I think I would have been amazing. Me, with my HRT & high blood pressure medication. Oy.

I'm preparing to leave on Thursday - getting packed up and looking foward to the road trip. Those who read my blog know that I do enjoy a little white-line meditation. It helps me put things in perspective and I enjoy seeing the miles go by. We have a big country. I've never driven to California, but I'm trying to arrange a CA tour next Spring, so maybe I'll drive out then...?

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Monday, May 10, 2004

Tying Up Loose Ends

I'm spending the next few days tying up loose ends before I leave - making up kits to bring and sell, putting together teaching materials and setting up materials lists, working out itineraries and finding places to stay! I hadn't sat down and told the kids that I'd be leaving until last night (mother's day - great timing...) and Hannah was quite upset. She hates me to be away, and 2+ weeks is an incomprehensibly long time for her. Luckily we have a nice fabric of friends and neighbors who will be helping out (even if it's just giving Hannah a hug when she's outside playing with friends).

Max will miss me, too, but he's always been more self-sufficient. To be honest, it's still a mystery and fascination to me that these two amazingly wonderful kids want to spend so much time with me. I know I'm their mother - their mommy - but they see so much good in me that at times it really puts me to shame. Hard to live up to the expectations of our kids and our parents...

Max made a picture of me for Mother's Day -

My mother sounds tired on the phone, weak, and in pain. She sounds much better than she did last week, and I think my sister in law is right that she's getting stronger, but it's so hard to hear your parent in pain. I can tell how weak she is by how short she keeps our phone calls. Neither she nor I are big phone people - we're sort of 'call and state your business and then get off the phone' kind of women. We write more - but now that she's in the hospital we can't email each other like we used to all the time.

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Chilly Spring Day

It's a bit chilly today for a May day, but I love the weater a bit on the cool side so it's alright with me!

I taught in Parsippany today - a 5 hour class for the Jersey Knitters on Fair Isle and Afterthought Heel & Toe Socks. Both went really well (except I forgot the finished sock prop!) and the group was so enthusiastic and so kind! What a nice day we all had - I love days when I feel I learn a bit as well as teaching a bit!

I returned home to a book order for Knit Picks catalog - a big one - which is also very nice. My early Mother's Day Gift! And here's a Mother's Day Gift for all of you (no matter what your maternal status...)

Here's a link to a Adobe Acrobat PDF file of a crocheted reticule pattern. I worked this up the other evening at Knitting Nation in Nyack and sent it on to Jane for her use in the shop. You can enjoy it, too - and use whatever yarn you want! I used Noro Dari, but you could use anything from a chenille to a ball of twine! It works up fast and makes a quick little gift - maybe something last minute for mom?

I'm at the point where I have to order more books. My shipment of 300 is almost gone (gasp) and I received it on Monday! Now, a bunch of those were previous orders that were waiting to be filled, but still, I never expected to need to reorder so quickly! I'm sure that to the real publishing world these numbers are almost comical, but to me they're a bit astounding. My goal is to sell 2,000 because that will pay for health insurance - onward!

Amazon is carrying the book now, and I hope to be listed with soon, but if you want to order online order through me - I'll ship faster and cheaper! I want to start putting together a list of yarn shops that would like to have book signings, so if you know of one that's interested, let me know and I'll see what I can work up. It looks as though I may have a trip in the works out to CA next Spring...
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Friday, May 07, 2004

Thank You Clara!

If you're not already familiar with Knitters Review then you need to get yourself over there and check it out! It's such a terrific resource (I really dig the events page, it keeps me updated) and the forums are very happening. Why am I talking like a hep cat?

Anyway, this isn't just toadying - I love KR and find the folks there encouraging and kind - but I do have to take a moment and specifically thank Clara for her mention of me and my book in her latest KR newsletter! Very helpful, and very kind - Thanks Clara!!

I finally have the information on my Virginia Classes 5/20-5/22. If anyone's in the area, please come by for a class!! I'll be at Limerick Fibers, (540) 832-0207, teaching MANY classes on various knitting techniques (see bar at right for more information on specific classes & dates)

pssst - here's a preview of the ad I'm going to run in magazines this fall...
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

I Love A Rainy Knittin' Night!

I forsook my usual Wednesday knitting group (sorry Pirates - I missed you!!!) to travel up to a new yarn shop in Nyack, NY. It's called Knitting Nation and it's run by Jane & Joanna (pictured on their website!) They're at 30 N. Broadway and they're not set up yet for opening, but will be soon - it looks like they have a lovely selection of yarns, and a nice, airy and bright space! I especially loved the Noro Daria that I worked with last night (I crocheted a little reticule purse).

Noro Daria is a Gimp yarn*, which used to be quite popular in the 30's & 40's for crocheting purses (my mother has several) but has been sadly rather hard to find in the past few years. It's rather wirey and I'm not overly fond of it for garments, but I do LOVE it for things like purses and hats! At any rate, the colors of this yarn are exceptional - just lovely.

There's such a wealth of yarn shops in the area - just the week before I'd stopped into Flying Fingers in Irvington (across the Tappan Zee, on the Eastern side of the Hudson) to drop off a few books on my way up to the Westchester Knitting Guild.

FF is quite different in feeling, but very eclectic and funky. It really reinforces my belief that more yarn shops can create an atmosphere that will benefit ALL proprietors! A tide that raises all boats... The excitement that each shop creates will bring more knitters into the fold and benefit ALL knitting shops!

*Gimp Yarn is spiral in structure and requires two doublings, the first to form a twofold spiral, then, at the second doubling, a fine tight thread is added.
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Smilin' Again!

The tooth is fixed (thank you Dr. Sabin!) and I'm happy again! Now if I could only get my new Zire21 to hotsync (what an annoyance!)

I sent out an email with new classes yesterday to my list of interested parties. If you'd like an update on my classes and didn't get one in your email, please email me and I'll send it right off to you!

The new classes are listed to the right - the ones in green will be offered at my home in South Orange, NJ. I've heard from the Creative Strands folks that their registration isn't filling up as quickly as they'd like, so if any of you are considering going to this fabulous fiber event and can solidify your plans now, that would help keep a lot of the classes on the roster!

I just got word that my next shipment of books was sent on Friday, so they should be arriving any day (they were sent from PA) If they arrive by tomorrow I'll be going up to Nyack, NY for some knitting and to meet some friends I haven't seen for a bit, and to deliver a few of the books to a newly opening yarn shop.
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Sunday, May 02, 2004


Man, what a great day we had yesterday!

After a rocky start in the morning (first one child, then the other, decided they didn't want to wear mom's clever "child of a knitting heretic" T-shirts... finally they relented and on the way home both agreed that they were proud to be a part of Team Heretic - yes, I compelled my family to all wear Knitting Heretic T-shirts; child of a... and spouse of a ... - I am shameless.)

We left at 8:30 and arrived in MD a little after 12:30 (stopping for lunch and bathroom breaks along the way...) and who should I find waiting by the gate but the Knitters Review crew (the Knitting Heretic T-Shirt was proudly displayed - thank you Amie I wanted to run up and sign it!)

After some catching up and a few impromptu book sales, Bess & Jen and I did the car re-pack shuffle and I was able to show Jen a new tank top / corset cover looking item that I'm working up in her yarn. Then back to the KR crew for some walking and shopping.

Eventually I broke away because much of what I had to do needed to be solo - meeting with yarn shop owners and handing them my info card on the book, or giving them a book if they seemed likely to order a nice amount. I didn't intend to take wholesale orders, but ended up with many - woo hoo! My apologies to Lola and anyone else I ran into, forgetting their names! I swear, I am a mess if I don't have stuff written down in front of me!

We discovered the secret man's bathroom and the secret entryway there - but Hannah was devastated that Andy & Joey Mangham (of Mangham Manner) weren't at the show yesterday - they were at the Aquarium with dad, darn! Foruntately for the broken hearted, the kids LOVED their classes - Max took the God's Eye class (he made a new one in the car home, he LOVED it!) and Hannah took the Japanese Braiding class, which really interested me, too!

We were all so exhausted, but had promised the kids dinner at Cracker Barrel, so even though there was a 20 minute wait we had a great time rocking in front of the restaurant and then had a very filling dinner. Unfortunately, at the end of dinner I realized I'd cracked a molar, but I can't imagine on what! Everything I ate was soft, so it must have been in bad shape. It's not painful, but definitely needs to be dealt with. I'll call our dentist tomorrow and see how open he is to a loooooong term payment plan.

Gerry signed us up for some kind of medical account which is supposed to allow us to obtain medical services at the same prices negotiated by the insurance companies. This may reduce my asthma maintenance med from $120/month to something more managable. I don't even want to talk about my hormone therapy, which I've stopped taking because of it's cost (having no ovaries, I need some kind of HRT - the black cohosh & soy that I take every day just aren't doing it 100% for me...)

Hmm, somehow I always end up talking healthcare. Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow, because I'm sure that if I can get an appt to see the doc, there's going to be more wrong than just a cracked tooth...
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