Saturday, December 07, 2002

Screw up!

Everyone is human - I love my human-ness. Until I screw up. And it is inevitably a stupid thing - and, of course, always comes at a bad time.

Recently I sent a few sweaters into a mag - I had been given about a month to do two of them. Although I didn't feel rushed, apparently I wasn't as careful as I should have been.

A stripe motif on the left front is one row shorter than the right front - and I never even caught it! - what am I, blind? I had this thing sitting on my mannequin for a week while I worked on the other sweater; I did finishing work on it; I petted it everytime I walked past it and had a friend who's a good fit model size try it on - and never noticed!

Friday I got an email from the editor apraising me of this unhappy fact - they're not very happy with me - they'll probably cancel running the sweater and heaven knows what else Editor emailed photos, which was good because it's such a stupid mistake I probably wouldn't have believed I'd made it without the proof.

I asked if I could get the item back, make the correction and return it overnight - still waiting to hear if that's an option.

I hate it when I screw up. Blech. It sits in my stomach for days like a lump of oatmeal.

On the up side, finished a birthday sweater for a little friend and didn't have any buttons to match the sweater - so I pulled out my sculpy and made a few - here they are!

Some of the edges browned a bit,
but I think that adds to the "realness" of the look!

Oh, and I dropped off my jewelry and bowls to the

December 12-15, Noon-8pm daily - Admission FREE
Preview Reception: December 11, 7-9pm

I'll be there for the opening on Wed, 12/11, if anyone else wants to come by!
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