The Instant Message part 1

SexyChocNYC a/s/l?
BlackCherry 138 female, 24, new york, and yourself
SexyChocNYC 27, male, brooklyn, wow small world. so tell me what brings you to the net noir chat room?
BlackCherry 138 boredom. maybe looking for a little trouble to get into. so are you really sexy chocolate? goota pic?
SexyChocNYC yes, cherry I am sexy. 6 feet even, i work out 4 times a week and let’s just say I have big hands and feet ;o) so what’s up with the 138?
BlackCherry 138 mmmm…sounds yummy. send me a pic so i can see how sexy you are. the 138 is because 69 is better when it’s done twice ;o)
SexyChocNYC damn girl. you trying to set it off. your pic is on its way. so what do you look like. and do you taste sweet?
BlackCherry 138 aren’t cherries always sweet? i am about 5’9″, the color of perfectly cooked toast and my measurements are 40, 32, 38.
SexyChocNYC daaammmmnnn!!! you about to make me jump on the train and be at your house. you sound fine as hell. you got a pic?
BlackCherry 138 yeah, i will send it after I get yours.
SexyChocNYC you should have the pic of me now. what do you think.
she opens the pic and thinks damn he is fine. i gotta play this cool. imma send him one of me that looks extra sexy. i hope this isn’t fake
BlackCherry 138 nice pic. yours is on it’s way. so tell me about your fantasies.

he opens his mail and immediately gets hard. he sees this gorgeous girl in braids. a red lace bra with her titties pushed up almost to her chin. he can’t see past her stomach, but it was toned up. he knew he had to get with her, but he tried to play it cool.

SexyChocNYC you look hot in the pic. my fantasies? well right now they are all involving you. things I would like to do to you.
BlackCherry 138 things like what? if you get it right maybe you can do those things in person.
SexyChocNYC hmmm, well i would show up at your apartment. and i know that you work hard so i would run you a bath scented with jasmine to calm you down. after you got out of your bath, i would give you a massage. i would warm the vanilla scented oil and using long strokes, ease the tension from your muscles. i would massage your back, your arms, your legs. as you relaxed i would flip you over and start to massage the front, but i wouldn’t stop there. i would kiss you. kiss you until i could draw a map of your mouth, tracing your mouth in and out with my tongue.
SexyChocNYC as I kissed you, i wouldn’t touch any other part of your body yet. i want to just savor the flavor of your mouth. I would then work my way down to your neck. do you like to be kissed on your neck?
BlackCherry 138 yes, i love it.
SexyChocNYC i would do it slowly. i want to tease you into orgasm, for the first time, i am not going to let you have multiples. i am going to give you one really really intense orgasm. so onto your neck. I would work my tongue all around, up and down your neck. making you move beneath me. i want to get you so wet that the neighbors complain of leaking below! after your neck, i would move down to your nipples. only your nipples. until they are standing at full attention. i would lick around them, sucking them into my mouth. but i wouldn’t stop there. i know that you have that special sweet spot on the back of your neck.
BlackCherry 138 how did you know that was my spot. as much as i hate to admit it you got me drippin all over the computer keyboard. i am curious to find out if you are just talking trash or if this is for real
SexyChocNYC oh it’s for real. as fine as you are, i wouldn’t stop until i made you pass out from pleasure. i want to get inside your mind to the point where you walk down the street and think about how good my tongue feels on your clit. to where you are on the train thinking about how my stroke hit you from the left side and you discovered your g-spot
BlackCherry 138 i hope you don’t think it’s all going to be about me! i want you to scream out my name when you come in my mouth. as i lick the underside of your balls, deep throat your dick all the way down to the base all while you watch me. i want to swirl my tongue in figure 8’s around and around until you can’t take it anymore
SexyChocNYC so you want it like that. tell me where you live and be ready to go in 20 minutes.
BlackCherry 138 you think you are up for the challenge?
SexyChocNYC be ready and be naked.

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