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Stu's half-assed webpage o' stuff!
perpetually under construction, never even close to done!
Welcome to the text-o-rama!

Hello. I am Stu. This is not my real name, but no one ever uses real names on the Internet, so that shouldn't be much of a surprise. However, "Stu" is in fact my nickname in "real life." So we're not that far off the map, here. Anyway, this is my webpage. It's not much, since, honestly, I haven't quite figured out this HTML shit yet, which I'm trying to learn through simple notepad. So I haven't put much effort into some of the sections (Okay, most of the sections). And some of the other sections were done while I was drunk. So you may find this an interesting experience. Or find it duller than sin (and we're talking the dull sins, like usury and parsimony, not the exciting ones, like adultery and bearing-false-witness).

What I'm trying to avoid right now is the tendency for webpages to focus on one aspect of a person's life and inflate that into a monomaniacal obsession. So, on the web, perfectly normal people wind up looking like rabid Liberace fans, or insane pederasts who collects the underwear of former Mouseketeers and wears them to work everyday, deriving sick pleasure in being found out and told that he is "a bad boy; sick and twisted."

Besides, I don't even like Liberace, and I only wear Britney Spears' underwear on casual day, and then only because it is comfortable. Besides, for the amount I paid for it, I should be getting something out of it.


Anyway, my point is that I am going to attempt to use this website to represent me, in all my facets. What it'll probably wind up representing is my sloth and inability to finish anything I start...but that'd represent a significant chunk of my personality in one fell swoop, anyway.

This is the nerve-center for my page. It's not much of a nerve-center...my page resembles a quadrapalegic in this regard (nothing like cheap handicap humor to start the day off), but eventually it might turn into something cool, if I can get the hang of this HTML shit. So, for now, here's the links to the actual content of my site...some of them are getting fairly well developed; most are still awaiting puberty.

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This page last updated on January 7, 2002. Aren't you lucky?
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