Wandoo Reader 2016

The 2016 release of Wandoo Reader brings with it some great new feature additions as well as performance enhancements and bug fixes. Below is a list of what you can expect in Wandoo Reader 2016.

Staff side changes
Patron side changes


Quick Tab

  • New 2016 Sports theme will be added to the list of available themes
  • Program Info section will include only the following:
    • "Program Start" date
    • "Program End" date
    • "Logging Type"
    • New "Patron Logging Limit" (optional)
      • The maximum limit for a patron-side submission (only for pages and minutes logging type)
    • New "Enable Book Suggestions" can be enabled or disabled per program

New Registration Tab

  • "Registration Start" date will show on this tab
  • "Birthdate Range" selection only
    • "Age Range" selection has been removed
  • New "Require Email" (optional)
    • Caution: patrons who do not supply an email address will not be able to reset their password. They will need to ask a librarian to reset it on the staff side. To reset it on the staff side, an email address must be entered in order to send a notification to the patron that his or her password has been updated)
  • New "Email Field Label" allows changing the placeholder text of the email field on the registration form to state either "Email" or "Parent/Guardian Email"
  • New "Require School/Grade" and "Display Gender" are now optional regardless of birthdate range and can be set per program
  • "Custom Registration Questions" have been moved to this tab

Program Details Tab

  • "Custom Registration Questions" have been moved to the new Registration tab
  • New "Locations" and "Schools" can be edited or deleted in Settings > Location Setup as long as the staff user has been given the permission to do so

Challenge Tab

  • New Challenge sort order (to put them in order of how you would like them to be displayed on the patron side)
    • "Custom" (drag and drop to reorder)
    • "Start Date (Newest to Oldest)"
    • "Start Date (Oldest to Newest)"
    • "Alphabetical (A – Z)"
    • "Alphabetical (Z – A)"
  • New "Link Challenge" (interlink challenges with each other)
    • "No Link" (default)
    • "Another Challenge" (link it to another challenge which must be completed before seeing this challenge)
    • "Game Level Completion" (patron must unlock a certain character level in order to see this challenge)
  • New Image uploader allows you to select or upload an image to display alongside a challenge. On the patron side, the patron can click the image shown in the challenge and the image will zoom. If no image is selected for a challenge, a generic image will be shown
  • New "Ends On" date (optional) which can be set per challenge; this is the opposite of the required "Active On" date.

Program List view

  • Removed "Consent Required: Yes/No" from the "See More" area because an opt-in consent is no longer required (the opt-in workflow has been changed to an opt-out workflow)
  • New "Program URL" will be shown in the "See More" area

Random Drawing

  • New Run a Random Drawing based on:
    • "One Program" (select a specific program, then be sure to select a specific Challenge under Filter By Challenge)
    • "Multiple Programs" (select a program or multiple programs on which to run the random drawing) 

Find Patron

  • New Paged results
    • 5 patrons per page
    • 10 patrons per page
    • 25 patrons per page (default)
  • New "Sort By" (ascending or descending)
    • "Last Name"
    • "First Name"
    • "Email"
  • Removed "Resend Email Verification" option because parental consent is no longer required
  • New "Delete Patron" action
    • Keeps the patron's record in your system but causes all of the patron's logs, prizes, and certificates to be removed; these cannot be recovered
    • "Delete Entire Patron Record" deletes the patron from your Wandoo Reader site completely
    • "Remove from specific program" deletes patron from a specific program; all data from other programs remains intact


  • New Challenge Report options
    • "One Program" (select a specific program, then choose a specific Challenge under Filter By Challenge.)
    • "Multiple Programs" (choose one or multiple programs; New "Combine Logs with Same Title/Patron" option)



  • Removed "Parental Consent"
    • Children under 13 no longer have to wait for a parent's consent before being able to log in. Instead, there is an opt-out option by emailing the contact listed on the registration confirmation email that is received after they have registered for the program
  • New Wording has changed in the email confirmation sent out for all programs if a patron provided his or her email during registration. The email includes the program URL, program start date, program end date, username, and a password reset option
  • New Story element for Sports theme
  • New Book title suggestion list view
    • When a patron is entering a book title for his or her logs, his or her entry will now show up in the list of books (either by itself if "Enable Book Suggestions" is disabled, or at the top of the list of the book suggestions if "Enable Book Suggestions" is enabled)
Custom Fields
  • Applicable To: Staff Users
  • Attachments: No
  • Summary: An explanation of the changes associated with the 2016 release of Wandoo Reader.
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