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A Field of Honor: Writers, Court Culture, and Public Theater in French Literary Life From Racine to the Revolution


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CODE: COL-B0000521

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Gregory S. Brown
Columbia University Press, 2005
Total Pages: 532

Table of Content

Introduction: Gens De Lettres, Literary Institutions, and Court Culture in the Age of the French Enlightenment
Chapter 1: Public Theater and Dramatic Authorship in Old Regime France, 1600-1757
Chapter 2: Playwriting For the Comedie Francaise in the Eighteenth Century: Reglements and the Rules of the Game
Chapter 3: "Politesseperdue": the Patriot Playwright Between Court and Public
Intermission: Beaumarchais and the Societe Des Auteurs Dramatiques, 1777-1780
Chapter 4: Droits D'auteur and Approbation as Cultural Capital: Literary Property, Censorship, and Legitimacy at the Comedie Francaise, 1760-1780
Chapter 5: Self-Fashioning, Civility, and the Celebrity of Gens De Lettres at the End of the Enlightenment: Beaumarchais and Gouges, 1781-1789
Chapter 6: From Court to Nation: "Liberty of Theaters" and Patriot Playwrights, 1789-1791
Conclusion: Vestiges of Gens De Lettres, Legacies of the Enlightenment