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Applying ISA-88 in discrete and continous manufacturing


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CODE: MP-B0000030

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William Hawkins, Dennis Brandl ,Walt Boyes
Momentum Press, 2010
Total Pages: 254

Table of Content

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WBF Foreward
Forward by Walt Boyes
Introduction: ISA-88 Concepts Applied to Manufacturing Techniques Other Than Batch
Chapter 1. ISA-88 Isn’t Just for Batches Anymore
Chapter 2. Applying ISA-88 to Non-stop Production
Chapter 3. Non-stop 88 Delivers Improved Operational Excellence
Chapter 4. Taking ISA-88 Concepts to the Next Leve
Chapter 5. Experiences from Implementing a Single Control System Solution Using ISA-88
Chapter 6. Using ISA-88 Batch Techniques to Manage and Control Continuous Processes
Chapter 7. Using ISA-88 to Automate Procedures at Continuous Processing Facilities
Chapter 8. Use of ISA-88 Techniques in Semi-continuous Applications
Chapter 9. Integrating Quality and Process Information in a Batch Context for Semi-continuous Processes
Chapter 10. Definition and Format of Recipes for the Packaging of Consumer Packaged Goods
Chapter 11. Equipment Process Statecharts for Hybrid Manufacturing
Chapter 12. Process Meets Discrete: Coupling of Batch Control to OMAC and to Real Packaging Lines
Chapter 13. An Often Overlooked Aspect of Manufacturing and Packaging Systems Integration
Chapter 14. Power Programming, ISA-88, and Packaging: Some of the Lessons Learned
Chapter 15. Using ISA-88 to Define a Compliant Packaging Environment
Chapter 16. Software Modularity: A Powerful Tool for Packaging Automation
Chapter 17. Procedural Control and Exception Handling