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Pros & Cons of Living in City Vs Suburbs

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Are you planning to buy a new home? It can be difficult to decide whether to live downtown or in the suburbs. Cities can offer easier access to amenities, but suburbs can offer more peaceful living places. There are pros and cons to both. So it will be best to consider the advantages and drawbacks of living in both settings before you decide what is best for you.

Living in Suburbs


  1. Suburban living is usually more peaceful, which makes it a better place to come home to after a busy day at work. There is less noise and traffic.
  2. Suburban houses are more affordable and you can buy larger homes. Usually, homes have more living space than their city counterparts. You can have more additions to your home and have more space for gardening and for your kids to play.
  3. Suburbs have closely knit neighborhoods, natural scenery, fresher air, and stronger community bonds. Many people plan to move to suburbs for raising their children.

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  1. If you work in inner city areas, commuting can be a problem. You will have to spend more time traveling. This will also mean increased expenses on fuel.
  2. The best restaurants and entertainment hubs will be located downtown.
  3. Public transportation is less frequently available.

Living in the City


  1. Cities have more entertainment, dining and shopping options. You have almost all your amenities available within minutes from your home.
  2. If you work downtown, commuting takes less time. You will not only be able to save more in terms of fuel costs, you will be able to get back home faster.
  3. There will be more public transport options than in the suburbs.


  1. Homes can cost much more than in the suburbs. You can buy a larger house there for the same price.
  2. Cities have more noise pollution and it can be difficult to find quiet places to live. Heavy traffic and nightlife can prevent you from relaxing.
  3. Cities can be more congested and usually don't have enough room for children to play. There are fewer open spaces, parks and public playgrounds.

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