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or more than 50 years South Texas has been well below the state voter turnout average. Reaching the community in a meaningful way has proven to be a difficult task to many in state and out of state organizations.

Over the years, a group of concerned leaders from the South Texas Community have come together to form the Advocacy Alliance Center of Texas (AACT).

This organization was envisioned by all as a non-profit, non-partisan entity. On October 3, 2011 AACT filed with the state of Texas to officially request their 501(c)(3) status. The goal of this endeavor is to forge a single organization that will serve as uniting “table” for all nonpartisan, charitable voter registration and turnout efforts in the community.

Our Goals

Through integrated coordination and micro‐targeting, AACT will partner with large employers, community organizations, hospitals, schools and universities as well as state and national entities to coordinate a unified voter outreach effort that avoids duplication and streamlines messaging. As the South Texas citizenry continues to grow at record pace in terms of population, our proportional representation in the electorate has not.

To change this outcome, AACT has crafted a “65%” voter turnout campaign for the Rio Grande Valley, a four county area in the tip of South Texas, with a population of over 1 million residents.

The formation of AACT and the non-partisan nature of the work will allow our organization to effectively send out a message that our efforts will stay here in our community. AACT is committed to a year round effort to educate, engage and empower the citizens of South Texas. Our methods and material will be inclusive and our collaborations throughout the community will reinforce the importance partnerships make in this type of GOTV effort.
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