B1: Overview


Use the Polaris Find Tool to search for existing patron, bibliographic, and item records, record sets, and hold requests.  You can use the Find Tool to perform a basic search, or you can use various options to focus your search more precisely.


The Find Tool appears when you select a subsystem and record type from the Polaris Shortcut Bar, or when you click Find on workforms and dialog boxes.




When the Find Tool opens, select the type of record to search for (Object), the access point to search by (Search by), the type of search (Type), and enter the word or phrase to use for the search in the For field.


In addition, you can use various options on the Find Tool to narrow your search results (Limit by), specify how to sort the results (Sort by), or get a simple count (Count Only) of the number of records.


Once you have created your search query, click the Search button to execute the search or hit 'Enter' on your keyboard.

While uncommon, some searches may take a longer time to execute.  You may stop the process by hitting the Stop button.  This button is only active while a search is being performed.

To clear the data from the For field, you can either highlight the text and hit 'Delete' on your keyboard, or click the Clear button.

If you wish to reset all the fields to their default values, click the New Search button.


So, when performing a search for item records, you would select the Cataloging subsystem and the Item Records record type; the object field would default to performing searches for item records. 

Likewise, if performing a search for patron records, selecting the Patron Services subsystem and the Patron Records record type would yield Patron Records in the Object field.


The Settings, Scoping, Branches, Collections & Databases tabs can be used to create complex, precise searches allowing you to further limit your searches, use qualifiers, Boolean operators, and select specific libraries.


The Polaris Find Tool can be set to default to the same selections in the Search byTypeSort by, and Limit by fields each time you search for the same type of record.  The settings are associated with your log-in information and remain the same each time you log in with the same user ID. 

You can still change the search criteria at any time.*


*Instructions on saving user defaults are found in The Polaris Find Tool - Bibliographic Records (B2), Item Records (B3)Patron Records (B4) and Hold Requests (B5) sections of the manual.

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