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ASSET Suite for InfoArchive

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In today's highly competitive and global economy, organizations are striving to be cost efficient, risk free and fully compliant with their IT operation while maintaining best possible customer service.

The constant change of technologies/applications usually lead to the replacement/update of customer's business applications to meet new business challenges. This process (decommissioning) dictates maintaining legacy data as pre-requisite for the change.

Active archiving and application decommissioning could be a complex process but crucially needed, to manage information efficiently in order to resolve various soaring operational and management reporting needs

Meet ASSET Suite for InfoArchive

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive simplifies the retirement of legacy systems and active archiving based on Info-Archive through a graceful transition approach via InfoConnect, InfoAccess and InfoRestore for organizations to acknowledge higher business value.

It is a comprehensive archiving vertical solution built on market-leading OpenText technologies (InfoArchive). The complete solution is designed in accordance with (Open Archive Information System) and uses the OAIS vocabulary to describe its components and information structures.

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive Infographic

InfoConnect connects your Data Sources to InfoArchive

InfoConnect is a generic web based ETL tool that relies more on configuration mechanism and less on customization. It extracts and transforms both structured and unstructured data from different data sources and databases then consolidates them into InfoArchive.

InfoConnect Benefits:
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Business Continuity
  • High Productivity

InfoAccess, a Generic Data Maneuver 

InfoAccess is a multi-lingual web based interface. It adds further flexibility & security over information retrieval through user friendly interface for configuring reports and search criteria. InfoAccess allows authorized users to search, view, and export results to different formats

InfoAccess Benefits:
  • Easy, flexible and timely access to archived application data 
  • Configurable dynamic reports on archived data
  • Dynamic analytics diagrams on archived data
  • Data Security
InfoRestore, De-archiving Mechanism Tool
Should there be a need to restore data, ASSET Suite for InfoArchive provides users a de-archiving mechanism to bring the structured or /and unstructured data back to the staging environment on any selected platform.
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