Thomas Rikard Family

Several early settler families by the name of Rikard are found in the Dutch Fork of S.C. The following is a brief description of the family of the immigrant, Thomas Rikard, adapted from the reconstruction of the family by Ima Whitman Franks. Mrs. Franks collected extensive records of the Rikard family in correspondence with distant relatives. This information was gathered into a book "All About the Rikards" that she had published in limited edition.

The bounty petition of Thomas Raccurst was heard 13 May 1749 by the Provincial S.C Government (Council Journal 17(1):377). The "petitioner was just come from Philadelphia, that he had a wife and five children." The 350A grant to Thomas Raccurst was located on Cannons Cr. Newberry County deeds link members of the Rikard family to this grant. These records indicate that there were four sons: Peter, Michael, Lawrence, and William.

In 1787, part of the Thomas Raccurst grant was sold by Michael Raccurst, Jr. to Michael Raccurst, Sr. (Nby Deeds D438). The deed states that this is part of the Thomas Raccurst grant and that the land being sold was left to Michael Raccurst, Jr., sole heir of Peter Rikard, deceased. This deed further states that the land had been jointly left to Wm, Michael, and Peter Raccurst, heirs of Thomas Raccurst, and had been divided among them in 1771. Another part of the grant was sold in 1801 by John Rykard to Adam Rykard (Nby Deeds E42). This deed says that the original grant was divided into four parts after death of granteeamong: Wm Rykard; Laurence Rykard; Peter Rykard; and Michael Rykard. The deed further states that Michael Rykard was father of both John and Adam Rikard. From these records the immigrant, Thomas Rikard, had four sons: William, Peter, Michael,and Laurence. It is believed that there was also a daughter, Catharine, of Thomas Rikard.


Peter and William Richards were among Dutch Fork names found in the list of men who  were on duty at the Congarees Store from 1759 to 1760 in Col. Chevilette's Battalion during the Cherokee War. Peter Rikard was a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War and was killed or died 9 Oct 1779 (M. J. Clark, "Loyalists in the Southern Campaigns of the Revolution"). After the death of Peter Rikard, his wife, Elizabeth, remarried John Dominick. Elizabeth Rikard Dominick, d. 26 Feb 1807, is buried in the Rikard Family Cemetery near Pomaria, S.C.

A. Michael Rikard, d. 2 May 1846 (age 82 yrs., 8 mos.), m. Margaret Eigleberger, d. 3 Feb 1842 (age 79 yrs., 11 mos.), d/o George Eigleberger & Elizabeth Catherine Shealy. They are buried in the Rikard Family Cemetery. Michael and Thomas Rikard were members of Roofs Church in 1813. In the following year they represented this Church at the Lutheran Synod meeting in Rowan Co., N.C. Michael and Thomas Rikard are found on later lists of communicants at Bethlehem Church, Pomaria.

   1. George Rikard, b. 1784/5, d. 1825, m. Elizabeth __, d. 1845.

   2. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Rikard, b. 27 Sept 1790, d. 5 Jan 1874, m. John Wedaman

   3. Christina Rikard, b. 20 Nov 1795, d. 13 Dec 1830, was the first wife of Rev. John  Harman Aull.

  4. Henry Rikard, b. 2 Sept 1797, d. 21 Apr 1847, m. 23 May 1824, Elizabeth Wicker.

  5. Elizabeth Rikard.


Michael Rikard, Sr., was a Rev. War patriot in Waters Regiment. In 1772 he had a Memorial for half of the 250A land grant of Jacob Barbara on Cannons Cr. Land sold in 1811 by John Rickard likely contained parts of this land grant (Nby Deeds K354 & 384).

Micheal Rikard, Sr. is thought to have married about 1762 to Elizabeth Shield.

A. Peter Rykard, d. 1826, m. Maria Fry, d/o Jacob Fry. Peter Ricard obtained a 133A land grant in 1785 near the ooriginal Thomas Rikard bounty grant. He sold this land in 1795 to Thomas Ricard (Nby Deeds Q2, p. 4). The family of Peter Rykard moved to Abbeville Dist. and Maria Rikard made will 19 Apr 1858. The sons, Peter and Jacob Rykard, donated landin 1830 for Tranqnil Methodist Chnrch, a successor to the old King George and Queen Charlotte German Church.

   1. Adam Rykard, d. before 1859, left 8 children. They moved to Maury Co., TN.

   2. Peter Rykard, Jr., b. about 1811, m. Mary __.

   3. Jacob Rykard, b. 1805, d. 1897, m. Sarah C. Hughey, b. 1810, d. 1897.

   4. Mary Rykard, b. 1807, m. Walter G. Keller.

   5. David Rykard, m. Rebecca __. Moved to Andersen Co., S.C. David Rikard made will

       in 1829, recorded in Pendleton Dist., S.C.

B. Michael Rikard, Jr. is said to have married Sarah Elizabeth Hughey. Michael Rickard bought land in 1807 on Bush River from Jacob Risinger (Nby Deeds 1402) and bought land

in the St. Luke's Church neighborhood in 1810 (Nby Deeds J550).

   1. John Rikard, m. Elizabeth Conwill, dau. of John Conwill.

   2. Christopher Rikard, b. 1795 d. 15 Sept 1875 (age 80 yrs.), m. Nancy Taylor, d. 8 Apr         1875 (age 78 yrs.). Buried at Prosperity Cemetery.

   3. Frederick Rikard, b. about 1796, m. Mary Fueller, moved to Jefferson Co., TN.

   4. Michael Rikard, III, b. about 1805, m. Louisa __, moved to Sevier Co., TN.

   5. Charles Rikard, b. about 1811, m. Sarah __, moved to Neshoba Co., MS, then to TX.

   6. Dorotha Rikard, b. about 1811, m. Adam Whitman, moved to Edgefield Dist. then to         Perry Co., AL.

   7. Rachel Rikard.

   8. Sarah Rikard.

   9. Elizabeth Rikard.

C. Agnes Rikard, thought to have married Andrew Thomas, Jr.

D. Frances (Fanny) Rikard, b. 1769, d. 1836, m. Matthias Hair, b. 1767, d. 1817, s/o Peter

Hair, Sr. & Anna Mary Herman.

E. Elizabeth Rikard, thought to have married Martin Charles.

F. Adam Rikard, b. 21 Sept 1776, m. Mary Magdalene , b. 29 March 1778. Adam Rikard bought land in 1811 in the Stone Hills from George Eigleberger (Nby Deeds J643). They were members of St. Luke's Lutheran Church.

   1. David Rikard, b. 25 Dec 1799, d. 1805.

   2. Michael Rikard, b. 1 March 1801, m. Rejoicey __.

   3. John Rikard, b. 27 Aug 1804, d. 1805.

   4. Elizabeth Rikard, b. 25 Dec 1805.

   5. Mary Rikard, b. 6 July 1809.

   6. David Rikard, b. 10 Apr 1812, d. 19 March 1891, m. (1) Nancy Duval, and (2) Mrs.             Mary E. Hawkins Boozer.

   7. Rebecca Rikard, b. 1 Nov 1814.

   8. Polly Eliza Rikard, b. 17 March 1817, d. 30 Jan 1899.

   9. Rhoda Rikard, b. 12 Aug 1820, d. 7 Oct 1884.

 10. Levi Rikard, b. 27 Nov 1823, m. Cicely J. S. Miller.

G. Thomas Rikard, b. 1777, d. 1854, m. Mary Stockman, d/o Henry Stockman and Agnes(Nancy) Hair. They moved to Abbeville Dist. and were members of Tranquil Methodist Church.

   1. Elizabeth Rikard, m. Sherard Smith.

   2. Anna Rikard, m. Andrew Calhoun.

   3. Susanna Rikard, b. about 1810.

   4. Martha Rikard, m. Lewis Harris.

   5. Mary Ann Rikard.

   6. Levi Harris Rikard, b. 1815, d. 1886, m. (1) Sarah Davis, d/o Ephraim Davis and Mary(Polly) Cobb; and m. (2) Mary Isabella Tolbert Davis.

H. John Rickard, d. 1832/3, m. Margaret Dominick, b. about 1785, dau. of John Dominick.

John Rickard in 1806, along with Adam Lagrone Jr., sold the Dominick bounty grant to Jacob Dominick (Nby Deeds J654). In 1811 the same land was sold by Jacob Dominick withThomas Rikard and John Rikard to Rev. Frederick Joseph Wallern and Jacob Stairly (NbyDeeds J636). John Rickard moved to Williamson Co., TN, then to Greene Co., AL.

   1. Elizabeth Rickard, b. 29 Aug 1802, d. 21 July 1856, m. 14 Feb 1820, John George              LaGrone. They moved to Milam Co., TX.

   2. Margaret Rickard, b. 9 May 1811, m. 9 May 1827, Alfred Cunningham, a Vet. of Warof 1812.

   3. Daniel Rickard, b. about 1815.

   4. Nancy Rickard, b. about 1820.

   5. Sarah Rickard, b. about 1822.

   6. Mary Rickard, m. James Welding (?).


Laurence Rikard m. Anistasia (Nancy) Stoudenmayer, d/o John Stoodenmeyer. Laurence Rikard d. about 1806 with wife. Nancy Rikard, adminstrator of the estate. Nancy Rikard made will 9 Apr 1810, proved 7 May 1810, naming all of their children. In 1786 Lorents Rykard and wife Ann, alias Ann Stoudenmayer, gave her land grant of 100A  on waters of Cannons Cr. to son, John Rykard (Nby Deeds H304). In 1810, several years after the death of Laurence Rykard, the children sold a 177A tract on Cannons Cr., described as part of the 350A land grant of Thomas Raccurst (Nby Deeds K28).

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