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Voldar: В теме рассматриваются материалы о группах и исполнителях,пытающихся сочинять и играть музыку в стиле Джеффа Линна.

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Voldar: Так и хочется сказать - Ба,знакомые все лица! Два ирландских музыканта Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy) и Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) организовали в прошлом году новую группу The Duckworth Lewis Method .Так как парни являются заклятыми поклонниками Джеффа,нетрудно предположить какую музыку они играют.Самое интересное,что их дебютный альбом с таким же названием получил в этом году Ivor Novello Award. вики о них - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Duckworth_Lewis_Method оффсайт - http://www.duckworth-lewis.com/ Отрывок из статьи после получения премии: Cricket and music: a (Test) match made in heaven Just to look at the list of people who have won an Ivor is rather daunting. Of course, you notice Paul McCartney first, but it’s also great to see people such as Don Black, the great lyricist. And also Jeff Lynne, of the Electric Light Orchestra, who is a big hero for both of us and was a huge influence on the Duckworth Lewis album. Jeff and ELO are as big a reason that we made this album together as cricket. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article7132399.ece Впрочем послушайте сами песни с альбома.

Voldar: The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method (2009) 01. The Coin Toss 02. The Age Of Revolution 03. Gentlemen And Players 04. The Sweet Spot 05. Jiggery Pokery 06. Mason On The Boundary 07. Rain Stops Play 08. Meeting Mr Miandad 09. The Nightwatchman 10. Flatten The Hay 11. Test Match Special 12. The End Of The Over mp3 VBR http://rs498.rapidshare.com/files/266517565/2009_-_The_Duckworth_Lewis_Method.rar http://www.mediafire.com/?zaznizelzzj

Goldenday: Действительно приятная музычка, Idle Race напоминает.

Шубидуба: Кстати, я тут, по случаю увлечения Pugwash и Duckworth Lewis Method, скачал все альбомы Divine Comedy. Штук 10 примерно оказалось. Половину, где-то, уже послушал. Очень интересная группа оказалась. Особенно понравился альбом 2001 года Regeneration. Т.е. очень-очень понравился. Очень мелодичный такой. Короче, наша музыка! Рекомендую.

Voldar: Их все больше.. The New Pornographers The New Pornographers is a Canadian indie rock band formed in 1997 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their music is often described as power pop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_Pornographers А ведь совсем не порнография,вот что пишут в одной рецензии: "Together" The New Pornographers, (Matador) It must be fun to attend a recording session with The New Pornographers. Chances are you will be tossed an instrument and have the time of your life. A.C. Newman's eight-piece outfit (with eight others helping here) is a pop orchestra without the pretension, and "Together" finds them at their peak. The melding of Newman's voice with Neko Case and Kathryn Calder is endlessly inventive, weaving in and out of the nervous-sounding rhythm that is the band's calling card. The first four songs are what the Electric Light Orchestra meant to achieve but never quite did. Pretty good considering it is next to impossible to figure what they are talking about lyrically. We're still looking for the translation for: "Silhouette tell me a tall tale, go, shout it out. Silhouette shout from the top. Sweet talk, sweet talk." —Associated Press А теперь можно послушать эти первые четыре песни. ну и ещё одну оффсайт - http://www.thenewpornographers.com/ там на входе тАкой кот суровый. В заглавной песне Moves виолончели довольно к месту аранжированы.

Goldenday: Мне в чём-то Манфреда Мэнна 70-80-х напомнило, но никак не ELO

Voldar: Ещё один. Farrah - Swings & Roundabouts офсайт - http://www.farrah.co.uk/home В интервью которое чувак давал радио The Time Machine,есть интересная фраза: Other artists heard on this Maui afternoon FM aircheck include new songs from The School, The Rubinoos and She & Him plus The Smith Bros., Jeff Lynne and Pilot. http://mog.com/The_Time_Machine/blog/2037550

Voldar: Давно известный нам последователь Джеффа записал новый альбом. Exclusive: “Have Bleu Write A Song For You” Contest Acclaimed singer-songwriter Bleu wants to write a song just for you. Enter our contest to get a personally-crafted tune written for you by a hit recording artist who’s collaborated with everyone from Mike Viola to Joe Jonas, and who’s just-released album, FOUR, finds him at at the top of his game. Runner ups will win autographed copies of his new album, which was funded by fans via a Kickstarter campaign. Now Bleu wants to give back. Check out the interview below for the full story. Tell us about your new album, and your Kickstarter campaign. I think FOUR is a natural progression for me. It’s still very eclectic (as I believe all of my solo releases have been) and a lot of the lush arrangements and soul undertones from A Watched Pot have carried over. But this record deals a bit more with some deeper themes of mortality, regret, loss, and redemption. As far as Kickstarter goes, Iloved the idea of reaching out to the fans to try and do something more with this record, but i was initially very nervous about the campaign itself. It was my manager’s suggestion (our first time trying anything like this), and I was genuinely concerned that we might have trouble raising our $8,000 goal in the 45 days we set to reach that. As you may or may not know, if a Kickstarter project doesn’t reach it’s goal in the number of days the participant allots, the campaign is considered unsuccessful and no one pays (or receives) any money (which could be embarrassing obviously)….I was completely blown away when we raised $10,000 in the first 12 hours, and $20,000 in the first 24 hours. The response was overwhelming, and we ended up raising $40,000. I still can’t believe it. It’s honestly changed my entire outlook on my career as an artist. I’m so thankful to have such supportive fans. What’s a song on your new album you really want people to hear, and why? I want people to hear all of them! Seriously though, i feel pretty good about the record as a whole, and I still believe in the validity of the record as an art form (old fashioned, I know). It’s not a concept album or anything, but I do think it can take you on a little journey. If you don’t like cursing, i would skip track 6 though… Tell us about a few of your favorite collaborations. One of my favorite collaborators is definitely Mike Viola (That Thing You Do/Walk Hard/Get Him To The Greek). We have a band together called The Major Labels with our friend Ducky Carlisle…Mike’s one of those people who makes you feel like you’re a better writer when you’re with him..the creativity is always flowing with the spigot fully open, and the brain is storming (the castle!). Of course I always enjoy working with great voices..Jon McLaughlin, Chris Mann, Megan Joy, Zac Hanson, Megan Kabir, to name just a few (I’ve been lucky to have worked with so many).They’re all great writers, but hearing someone belt out that spine-tingling vocal as you’re working on a song can be so inspiring. And O have to mention my long-time collaborator John Fields… he comes at his writing from a production angle, but his ability to get an incredible track going in seconds-flat, and really envision the final recording as a whole has always led to great material, and pushed me in new directions. What was it like working with Joe Jonas on his solo album? This may be a bit premature, as i don’t know quite when or what will be released, but, I genuinely enjoyed working with Joe. He’s very open, and so positive about the collaborative process. He’s got a great voice, and i think his instinct for hooks is fantastic. The songs I worked on with him were a bit of a departure for me (and him as well i think) and i think it was exciting for both of us to be moving into new territory. How are you able to collaborate with artists across such a wide spectrum of genres? Does it take a special kind of writer or ear to pull that off? I’ve always had extremely eclectic tastes, and I’m always looking for something new to inspire me. So, for me it feels pretty natural. It can be difficult to be “authentic” to many different styles, but I endeavor to keep good hooks at the core of it, and when I’m entering into somewhat unknown territory, i defer to the locals, so to speak. What inspires you to write a song? Everything. emotions, personal experiences, books, TV, movies, news, everyday conversations, deep thoughts, other music, collaborators, beats, instruments, the need to communicate with fellow humans, food, art, the sound of the windshield wipers..and the list goes on and on. Tell us about the “Birthday Songs” you’ve done. It started as a cheap (but personal) way to pull together gifts for friends and family. They’re a total blast to make because there’s no pressure to do anything but please the recipient (who is predisposed to enjoying it anyway!) These songs are, in a way, written for an audience of one, which is a pretty unique situation. If other people get a kick out of it, it’s all gravy, as they say. Imagine you get to write with any songwriter in the world, living or dead, but you can only choose one. Who would it be? Ifeel like I’ve already gotten to write with possibly my favorite writer of all time (Mike Viola) But, i think I’d have to say, either Jeff Lynne or Mutt Lange (both alive! Bonus!) I’m semi-obsessed with both those gentlemen (I have side projects dedicated to both – L.E.O. and LoudLion). Obviously, they’re both iconic producers as well, so, in my fantasy, we’d be co-writing a Bleu song, and then they’d be producing it. Ознакомиться с некоторыми песнями можно на офсайте исполнителя http://www.bleutopia.com/

Борис: По первому ознакомлению вполне прилично. Стилизация под Джеффа прослеживается, мелодии приятные.

Goldenday: Борис пишет: Давно известный нам последователь Джеффа записал новый альбом. Это хорошо!

Goldenday: Большие почитатели таланта Джеффа, ирландцы Pugwash вслед за успехом проекта "The Duckworth Lewis Method", номинанта премии Ivor Novello, укрепляют позиции, выпустив совсем недавно пятый студийный альбом 'The Olympus Sound', записанный уже на EMI и получивший высокие отзывы. Здесь можно послушать часть песен (в поисковике вбивайте Pugwash The Olympus Sound ): http://music.yandex.ru/#!/album/262631 (кстати, названия всех треков по ошибке смещены на одну позицию!) Скачать 11 песен в мр3 (192) можно здесь: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H9DF94OH

Goldenday: Вслед за Pugwash ещё один поклонник Джеффа, американец Bleu, являющийся также автором проекта LEO, в начале ноября выпустит 150-граммовый винил би-сайдов, раритетов и альтернативных версий своих песен. В цифровом виде для скачивания песни тоже будут доступны для слушателей, но в слегка сокращённом количестве. SIDE - B 1. Take Cover 2. When The Other Shoe Falls 3. No Such Thing As Love [Original Version] 4. Can't Be That Bad (If It Feels This Good) 5. The Blame Game 6. How Blue [Acoustic Mix] 7. When The Dog Day Comes SIDE - Be (sides) 1. If... 2. Blow Up The Radio 3. A Watched Pot 4. Mailman's Son 5. In Love With My Lover [Demo] 6. Save It For A Rainy Day http://www.bleutopia.com/besides/

Voldar: Ещё одни.

Goldenday: Даже непонятно, как сказать, но чтоб без грубости. До мелодизма Джеффа этим друзьям чрезвычайно далеко, несмотря на поддержку струнных. Как и многим-многим другим, кроме Pugwash, наверное. Одно лишь радует: какой-то новичок, запав на этих, возможно, со временем откроет для себя и ELO.

Voldar: Ещё одно слабое подобие правой ноги.

ТНЮ: Voldar пишет: подобие правой ноги. ты про протез?

Goldenday: Колокола почему-то напомнили рождественскую "Christmas All Over Again" Тома Петти.

Goldenday: Заглянув сегодня на сайт Дэйва Моргана, был приятно удивлён, что он по-прежнему активен и музыкант не сидит сложа руки: помимо трудов на религиозной ниве и автобиографическую книгу написал, и музыку продолжает сочинять. Кстати, там в разделе "музыка" выложены некоторые редкие демо разных периодов, включая работу с Ричардом Тэнди и Роем Вудом. http://www.scottmorgan.co.uk/

Voldar: Ещё один

Goldenday: Что-то меня беспокоит его состояние. Чувак так и не сообщил, с каким диагнозом и куда его везли весь клип.

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