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PSP 11th Meeting of 41st Committee - November 2016

1. The Application for APSP, AEPSP, MEPSP Award will see a revision of fees in 2017.

2. The Song Jin Tek Photography Challenge of the year Award 2016 -
Reminder that the 3rd leg on the theme Action will close end of December.

3. The Annual General Meeting 2017 will be held as scheduled on the
        8 January 2017,
        Time: 10.00 am
        at the Youth Park Administrative Center, Penang

4. PSP welcomes new Life Members:
    Life Member: 01016 Tan Cheong Pheng, 01019 Chuang Keng Han, 01020 Choong Kee Wan.

5. Visit & Talk by Chinese Legendary Photographer - Liao Xiaoxi is scheduled on the 8 February 2017 at Equator College, Penang

6. Khor Sek Min, Jeff has been appointed as the new Salon Chairman as from January 2017 and takes over from the President.

7. Chuang Kwong Sheaun has been appointed as the new 50th Anniversary Celebration & Dinner Chairman and takes over from the President. The 50th Anniversary Dinner will be a subsidised one..... kindly note.