Pratibha Arora, 52yrs.

A senior librarian, Mrs. Arora was finding the climb of the two steps of reception in her school very difficult just 6 months back. Now,she has just returned from Shirdi and she walked the entire length as any other devotee. Earlier, she had continuous pain for quite a few years, with painkillers in the mainstay. When the doctor advised for surgery she had some concerns so took her time in reading a lot on the surgery, the implant and other related things and chose the summer vacation time for surgery. She was put with Gender from Zimmer and she reaches her first floor library without any problems and usually have a round of the entire library every half an hour. She feels the advise of the doctor and will power of the patient is the most important thing for success of a surgical procedure.

Pre Opretion x-ray view

Post Opretion x-ray view

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