Nathan Tang, MD, FAAAAI
Allergy Asthma Associates, PA
What we do

At Allergy Asthma Associates, we specialize in environmental and occupational
allergy diseases.  Our staff can perform diagnosis tests and treat most of allergic
and immunologic diseases in patients of all age groups.

In office, we can perform many different types of allergy testing, such as skin
testing and in vitro studies to common environmental and food allergens.  We
also perform pulmonary function tests, venom testing, patch test, allergy
immunotherapy (shots), evaluation of immune competence.

Welcome to Allergy Asthma Associates, PA (AAA), the office of Dr. Tang.
As the leading expert in asthma and allergic diseases, our greatest
interest is to provide the highest quality in health care for you and your
family.  We would like to make your visits the most beneficial and as
pleasant as possible.
Allergy Asthma Associates
333 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St N
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