Thursday, July 03, 2003

Unemployed For Dean

Even without a paycheck, we still have a voice.

I guess I'm not technically unemployed - but my husband is - our family is - and it's rough. I'm the hardest working unemployed person I know, but that's a lot of what freelancing is - submitting designs on spec, hoping someone will take them and then working like a maniac to get them in.

Last night I went to the knitting meetup (it was GREAT!) and Mamaliz went to the Dean Meetup in her VA area. Liz is now putting together an "Unemployed for Dean" site and I am helping her. Here's my animation:

Yesterday I also had a TREMENDOUS bag class at Knit & Stitch - everyone left having learned something great, and we all had a really good time! Today was another nice class - smaller, yes, but very exciting. My 2nd knitting with wire class and we finished - ta da! - earrings! I have amazing students.
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