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transmission shifting my car has a five speed manual - related transmission hard shift content 1998 honda accord hard shifts my 98 accord is shifting hard with a jerk when shifting from 1st into 2nd or 2nd into 3rd gear, 6 causes of manual transmission hard to shift car - home transmission 6 causes of manual transmission hard to shift the symptom of manual transmission shifting hard can occur due to a problem with the clutch or gear systems top 6 causes of hard shifting transmission the common causes of this problem are further detailed below 1 the clutch systems, what are the most common problems with manual transmission - although the number of manual transmission or stick shift vehicles on the road has decreased dramatically in recent years from 35 percent of all vehicles in 1985 to about 10 percent today according to recent media reports they re still the preference of millions of drivers in the u s, honda manual transmission hard to shift pdf download - honda manual transmission hard to shift transmission shifting my car has a five speed manual my car has a five speed manual transmission it is getting hard to put into first gear and a little hard shifting, what makes my manual transmission hard to shift 2009 - the pilot bearing when it does this this means the clutch does not stop transmission input shaft from turning thus its a hard shift requires transmission removal to see this bearing so take car to shop that you know or get reccomendations of a good one, my gear shift is hard to move and keeps getting stuck - if it s hard to put it in first gear with the engine running but goes into any other gear without a problem and the vehicle does not move even though the clutch is in then you have bad synchronizers or blocking rings inside of the transmission, why is my transmission jerking or shifting hard - bluedevil products are safe for your vehicle and can remain in the system until your next fluid change transmission shifting hard jpg by ineb1599 licensed in a manual transmission old fluid can make your synchros less effective so it can be difficult to shift your transmission into gear in an automatic transmission old, troubleshooting gears are hard to shift cartoq - troubleshooting gears are hard to shift posted on october 2 2012 by cartoq editor one common complaint many people who drive manual transmission cars have at some point in their ownership is the gears becoming hard to shift, having a hard time putting it in gear clubcivic com - i was able to shift with one finger no problem but all of a sudden it s hard as hell to shift into gears after driving for a about 15 min the shifting gets a little easier but not much i checked my shift linkage it s good, problems shifting into 3rd gear honda accord drive train - 2007 honda accord manual transmission 93 200 mi visitor for the most part when trying to shift into third gear it kicks it back and grinds have to keep trying till 3rd gear is locked, honda s 5th gear manual transmission pops out into neutral - hello my 92 honda accord ex s 2 door 5th gear manual transmission pops out into neutral every time i attempt to shift from 4th to 5th gear this problem started last tuesday feb 10th while driving on the freeway on, hard shifting honda crv maintenance repairs car talk - the manual transmission on my 2001 honda crv with 107 000 miles has started to be hard to shift into gear this car still has its original clutch the shifting is hard when the car is cold then returns to normal once the car has warmed up, your 1989 civic manual transmission is hard to shift - why does the transmission not engage in drive but works fine when manually shifted from low on a 1989 honda prelude with an automatic transmission shift on a manual transmission become hard