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Custom businessman Bobble head

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  • Kindly Reminder:

  • The model online is only for reference, we can change bobblehead's color for free!
  • After payment confirmation, our artist will send previews of your creations to let you comment and modify them until complete satisfaction.
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Custom Made Bobbleheads Kindly Reminder:

custom businessman Bobbblehead
Custom Made businessman Bobbblehead
The bobbleheads model online is only for reference, you can change bobblehead doll's color, pattern or motion free of charge, but changes must be stated before producing.
For example, order is placed on January 2nd and with 15-day delivery, usually you can receive it on January 20th or 22th.
Our bobblehead dolls can be shipped to any country in the world.
If you can not find any bobblehead model online that close to your idea, you can please choose "Head-to-toe custom bobblehead" and design the doll completely by yourself.
The producing for Smiling Face and Non-smiling Face is totally different, so please be cautious when you choose the picture for the doll.
Don't see a model you like? Send your photos and describe what you want. We'll custom build bobbleheads from head-to-toe..