Why not Myanmar – Beautiful Landscape and Unique Culture?

Forget the bustling atmosphere of Thailand or Singapore. Myanmar deserves you to take the time to contemplate it.

Asia is home to many wonders and a series of beautiful scenery, no less than European. For tourists, long time ago, famous landmarks such as Thailand, Singapore ... is always a favorite tourist destination. But most of all, when you visit such famous places, you have to live fast, have to hurry, follow the treadmill of the big urban development ... So have you ever tried to live slowly in an Asian country yet? If not, then come to Myanmar through the photo set below.

Tam Bui's photography as soon as publishing has gained a lot of attention from netizens, especially those who love Asian countries and bacpacking. With its sadness, unique angles and artistic color, Burma is a land of mystery that anyone should take the time to visit and experience.

This trip lasts for 12 days, passing through Myanmar's many exotic destinations such as Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Goteik viaduct ... The journey is summarized as follows: Take a bus from Yangon to Inle Lake. Stay here for 3 days. Then, spend another three days to visit Bagan. For the remaining 3 days, he explored Mandalay. The total cost for the trip is nearly 700 USD, excluding procurement costs.

To Burma, you do not need book hotel in advance. Go to the central area and find a room. Prices will be lower when you are far from the market, far from the center or on the road. To get the best deal, check out the list of Lonely Planet hotels and guest houses.

And because Myanmar is a Buddhist country, you should pay close attention to your costumes and gestures. One important thing is that you avoid touching, do not point fingers at the Buddha, absolutely keep silent when going to temples.

This is the second time Tam Bui came to Burma. Two years ago, in Burma, something was old. But now, things change so fast. Burma is more modern, has very fast 3G network, a highway from the airport to Yangon city was constructing. However, the simplicity of the people, the essence of the people are still intact, and that is what impressed the photographer.

According to his own share, the image that appeals to him most in this land is the bluish temples in Burma blurred in the early sunshine, the balloons flying slowly over the background of a flourishing age which has passed. In addition to the beautiful scene, the sincerity and kindness of the descendants was also something that kept him staying with Burma. "What a wonderful country," he exclaimed.
Now, let's take a look at the whole collection of "Slow Life in Burma" by Tam Bui.

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