We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
3886 Boniface Dominique France
3888 Dr. Don United States
3889 Katherine Donahoe Other
3890 P. Donald Other
3891 Martin Donat Germany
3892 Vander Donckt Belgium
3893 duilio donfrancesco Italy
3894 Giorgio Donnini Italy
3895 Silvia dOnofrio Italy
3896 Sharon Donough United States
3897 Robert Dooley Other
3898 Fred Doornink Denmark
3899 Yuval Dor United States
3900 Andrew Doran United States
3901 Jocelyne Doray Cayman Islands
3902 Ian Dorion United States
3903 Assa Doron Other
3904 Darien Doron United States
3905 frederique dorsay Canada
3906 Arin Dosch United States
3907 Nico Dosenbach United States
3908 amerigo dossi Italy
3909 Maurizio Dotti Italy
3910 Guido Dotti Italy
3911 Sean Douglas United States
3912 Bill Douglas United States
3913 rémi DOURLOT France
3914 Michael Dover United States
3915 Mark Dow United States
3916 Brian Dowd Other
3917 Tara Dowell United States
3918 Eamonn Doyle Ireland
3919 Dominic Doyle Belgium
3921 Nicola Dragonetti England
# Name Country
3922 pan drakopoulos Greece
3923 Delphine Drapeau France
3924 M. DRAPER Germany
3925 joss dray France
3926 Madge Dresser England
3928 Kristie Drew United States
3929 Jacqueline Drewes United States
3930 Ingrid Dreyer Norway
3931 Emma Drinkwater England
3932 Jay Driskell United States
3933 Julia Droeber United Kingdom
3934 Julia Droeber United Kingdom
3935 Warschawski, Dror France
3936 Adi  Drori United Kingdom
3937 Joy Drori Israel
3938 Robert du Other
3939 Ron Dubin Other
3940 Amalle Dublon Other
3941 Anne-Marie DUBOIS France
3942 Dan Duckwitz United States
3943 reg duder New Zealand
3944 Amer Dudin Canada
3945 Jack Dudley United States
3946 Heinz Duesterhoeft Germany
3947 vincent Dufour France
3948 Katherine Dufrane United States
3949 Jennifer Dufresne Other
3950 Jana Dugnus Germany
3951 JOSEPH DUKHI Canada
3952 Laure Duliere Belgium
3953 susana dultzin Mexico
3954 Gabriele Duma Italy
3955 Ahmet DUMANLI Turkey
3956 France DUmas Canada
3957 Raëlien Dumas France
# Name Country
3958 Jeanne Dumont Luxembourg
3959 Bernard Dumont Canada
3960 Annette Dumoulin Brazil
3961 Nicky Dunbar United States
3962 Larry Duncan United States
3963 Joan Dunlop Canada
3964 Gretchen Dunn United States
3965 Gregory Dunn United States
3966 Carlota Dunn United States
3967 Katy Dunn United States
3968 Sheila Dunnachie Canada
3969 Cecilia Duran United States
3970 Giuseppe Durante Italy
3971 William Durland United States
3972 Lorrane  Dusky United States
3973 Gabriel Dussault Canada
3974 shahar dvir Israel
3975 Jonathan Dworkin United States
3976 Fredi Dworkin United States
3977 John Dwyer United States
3978 Konrad Dybek Poland
3979 elaine dyer Other
3980 Christine Dykgraaf United States
3981 Edwin Dysinger United States
3982 Briony Dyson New Zealand
3983 David E United States
3984 Fred E United States
3985 sara e Italy
3986 paolo e Italy
3987 Ann E Israel
3988 Thomas E United States
3989 Paolo e Italy
3990 Sandra E. United States