[SERVER-1247] Packaging changes to support bootstrap.cfg improvements in TK and EZBake Created: 2016/03/30  Updated: 2016/08/12  Resolved: 2016/05/23

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Project: Puppet Server
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Fix Version/s: SERVER 2.5.0

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Reporter: Chris Price Assignee: Erik Dasher
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Epic Link: bootstrap.cfg upgrade UX
Sub-team: emerald
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Sprint: Server Emerald 2016-05-04, Server Emerald 2016-05-18, Server Emerald 2016-06-01
Release Notes: Bug Fix
Release Notes Summary: Joe will be adding some notes on this to the docs in the repo; we created SERVER-1470 to capture the write-up.


As a result of TK-347 and EZ-72, we will have the ability to separate out Puppet Server's bootstrap configuration into two files. One will ideally go somewhere under /opt, and will have all of the core services that we're confident that users won't need to change. The second would be a ca.cfg file that goes under a new services.d directory in the /etc directory, and will just contain the default configuration for the ca services.

Work included in this ticket:
1. Modify our packaging to put the new "main" bootstrap.cfg file in the appropriate place under /opt
2. Modify our packaging to put the new "ca.cfg" file in the appropriate place under services.d.
3. Modify our ezbake config to take advantage of whatever we need to from EZ-72, in order to set up our service scripts to use the correct argument for bootstrap-config.

It is possible that 1 and/or 2 above may require some additional changes in EZBake? I'll create a separate ticket for that.

Comment by Karen Van der Veer [ 2016/05/13 ]

Ruth LinehanJoe PinsonaultChris Price We were waiting on a # of things to happen for this one to move forward, refresh my memory?

Comment by Ruth Linehan [ 2016/05/13 ]

Karen Van der Veer We're waiting to merge down master -> stable, which I'm hoping to get done this afternoon (want to get a few more open PRs on master merged first).

Comment by Karen Van der Veer [ 2016/05/17 ]

Just waiting to make sure CI is green, otherwise this is unblocked because we merged yesterday.

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/05/19 ]

Moved this back to 'doing', as there is a bug on systemd. On the Jenkins runs here, we got failures on rhel7 and ubuntu 1604.

They look like this:

May 19 13:04:13 s4bkxxvgs9oggf5 java[2703]: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Specified bootstrap config file does not exist: '${INSTALL_DIR}/config/services.d/'
May 19 13:04:13 s4bkxxvgs9oggf5 java[2703]: at puppetlabs.trapperkeeper.bootstrap$eval14658$wrap_uri_error__14663$fn__14664.invoke(bootstrap.clj:131)
May 19 13:04:13 s4bkxxvgs9oggf5 java[2703]: at puppetlabs.trapperkeeper.bootstrap$eval14658$wrap_uri_error__14663.invoke(bootstrap.clj:127)
May 19 13:04:13 s4bkxxvgs9oggf5 java[2703]: at puppetlabs.trapperkeeper.bootstrap$eval14681$read_config__14686$fn__14687.invoke(bootstrap.clj:147)
May 19 13:04:13 s4bkxxvgs9oggf5 java[2703]: at puppetlabs.trapperkeeper.bootstrap$eval14681$read_config__14686.invoke(bootstrap.clj:134)

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/05/19 ]

The "defaults" files after the recent ezbake / services.d changes have a line like this:

# Bootstrap path

Note that the first entry in the bootstrap config path is not attempting to use interpolation, but the second one is. Past Haus says that on systemd, there is no interpolation allowed in the defaults files. This should be a relatively straightforward change, to just switch the INSTALL_DIR bit to do the same thing that the first entry in the path is doing, so that the interpolation isn't necessary.

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/05/19 ]

put up a PR that should hopefully fix this, but haven't had time to test it yet.

Comment by Chris Price [ 2016/05/20 ]

Working on testing this now.

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