Paradigm Learning Launches Leadership Program

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<p><b>Tampa, Fla. &mdash; Jan. 9</b><br />Employees are a company&#39;s most important asset, but changing demographics and market influences have created a gap in available talent. &nbsp;</p><p>Attracting and retaining excellent employees has become a mission-critical goal for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.</p><p>Paradigm Learning, which develops business games, simulations and Discovery Maps used by nearly half the companies in the Fortune 500, has launched a talent leadership program based on a proven discovery learning methodology. </p><p>This latest Discovery Map program, called Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership, is now available.</p><p>In Mosaic, a table-sized Discovery Map creates the foundation for a three to-four-hour learning experience. &nbsp;<br />Working in small teams, participants analyze realistic case studies and navigate challenging exercises as they explore the talent landscape and discover the critical elements of successful talent leadership.</p><p>Mosaic was designed for supervisors, managers and leaders. </p><p>This latest experiential learning program from Paradigm Learning guides participants to understand and embrace their critical role in attracting, retaining and transitioning the best and brightest talent. </p><p>&quot;When analyzing the current talent management approaches available in the marketplace today, we found that most of them focus on delivering technology to manage the recruiting process or the talent evaluation process, and others focus solely on one aspect of talent leadership &mdash; for example, talent retention&rdquo;, Robb Gomez, Paradigm Learning president, said. &quot;We saw the need to develop a program that focuses on overall accountability for talent leadership. Mosaic helps managers understand their role and gives them the tools they need to be successful talent leaders throughout the entire employee life cycle.&rdquo;</p><p>Paradigm Learning&#39;s Mosaic heightens managers&#39; understanding of the essential business realities driving the issues of talent acquisition, development and retention. </p><p>At the same time, it motivates managers to accept higher levels of personal responsibility. </p><p>Mosaic was designed to educate managers around the key issues and trends in talent leadership and to help them examine themselves as developers of organizational talent. </p><p>Paradigm Learning provides a variety of customization options for tailoring the Mosaic talent development program to a client&#39;s specific needs. </p><p>A train-the-trainer program can be implemented quickly. Paradigm can also provide on-site training directly to any number of managers. </p>

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