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why does god hate me pittsburgh theological seminary - a couple of months ago the new york times ran a fascinating article called googling for god in this piece author seth stephens davidowitz explores recent trends in google search data specifically related to questions people pose about god, the gothard files a case for disqualification - two weeks later we received a brief email from bill gothard requesting a meeting with us for the purposes of reconciliation what followed was a 12 day long exchange of emails in which we would ask specific questions of him in an attempt to discern whether this was a sincere effort towards repentance, enough is enough gary thomas - my recent experience at a women s conference opened up my eyes to the depth of pain and evil too many wives are having to endure, the god who sees gary thomas - after having escaped cruel and harsh punishment pregnant without any support from the father of her child hagar felt helpless and alone she didn t have a single earthly friend grown up enslaved she had been owned ordered about abused and forced to have sex with a man she didn t love in, why doesn t god just show himself god evidence does - despite the scientific and philosophical arguments for the existence of god presented on this website and elsewhere some readers may still be haunted by a persistent question if he is more than just an imaginary big daddy in the sky why does it seem that god is hiding from us, let go let god how to let go and let god - the bible teaches us to cast all your cares upon me realistically how many of us actually do this without trying to fix the situation ourselves i would estimate a very low percentage, 3 steps to learning to trust god at all times cc south bay - trust isn t an easy thing to come by but it s one of the most important parts of our relationship with god when times are tough and things aren t going our way that s when we find it the most difficult to trust god, hope for backslidden christians i found god again despite - introduction by grantley morris i know christine very well her present relationship with god is so special that frankly i am envious of it not only is the lord the love of her life i can only gasp in awe at the way she daily hears from him, amateur white girl used and abused by two bbc s slut loves - watch amateur white girl used and abused by two bbc s slut loves it on pornhub com the best hardcore porn site pornhub is home to the widest selection of free big dick sex videos full of the hottest pornstars if you re craving 3some xxx movies you ll find them here, scholarships for abused women - domestic violence has been an unspoken part of society since the beginning of time traditionally in most cultures women have been taught from the time they were young girls to be subservient to their male counterparts, when god asks you to do something you ever thine home - i feel like god is asking me to do something that i find very difficult to do i love god and i do not want to displease him i am not saying that i am perfect or that i have lived a perfect life, is god taking a long time to come through here s what to do - if you ve ever felt like god is taking too long of a time to help you with your problem then you need to follow this, 1776 reasons christianity is false 1776 reasons - according to the bible god killed or authorized the killings of up to 25 million people this is the god of which jesus was an integral part, abused men how covert abuse begins part one shrink4men - this week on the shrink4men forum members began a thread titled the covert abuse handbook in the thread forum members share their experiences of abuse and the abuse they have witnessed beloved brothers sons and friends suffer, god in america god in the white house pbs - in contrast to his predecessor john adams was a self professed church going animal who made no secret of his religiosity raised in the congregational church the established church in his home, god s mysterious ways net burst net - help and inspiration when god seems cold and indifferent insights into the mysteries of prayer this is part of an inspiring series for those times when we fear that god has rejected us or is uncaring, christian nymphos married sex spicy the way god - the mission of christian nymphos is to teach married women to walk in sexual freedom with their husbands so they will be able to reach out and help free the women in their lives, is god inhabits the praises of his people really biblical - zac your truthful approach to scripture is the method the spirit of truth wants you to take i have written a few short books on biblical subjects which have been stretched by popular political influences, ex porn star tells the truth about the porn industry - the following is a guest post by shelley lubben shelley an ex porn star is the founder and president of the pink cross foundation through the pink cross shelley is a missionary to the sex industry reaching out to adult industry workers offering emotional financial and transitional support for those who want out of porn, nightmares in which children are abused or traumatized - while most nightmares seem to be a way that our unconscious works out feelings that aren t easily comfortable in waking life such as harm coming to our children or even our own feelings of anger or aggression which can lead to dreams of bad guys etc sometimes dreams seem a little extra vivid when it comes to themes of abuse, sex god marriage the ntslibrary - preface five years ago we published the first edition of sex god and marriage since then readers have responded to it as to no other plough title, adventists affirm leadership in the church are we - the new buzzword in church circles today is leadership and the thrust seems to be towards inclusiveness balance and diversity in spiritual leadership at every level of church administration from local congregations to the general conference, finding god in the margins the book of ruth - the ancient book of ruth speaks into today s world with astonishing relevance in four short episodes we encounter refugees undocumented immigrants poverty hunger women s rights male power and privilege discrimination and injustice, so you went against god s will now what jennifer fulwiler - i m not sure exactly what advice i d give the mom given how little i know however the blog title reminded me of a letter from my father about how i was a very special gift to a pair of wayward young people which woke him up from a situation that had a lot of potential for pain and heartbreak, information warfare and spiritual warfare - information warfare is an essential element of the spiritual warfare going on between agents of the god of abraham isaac jacob and joseph and agents of this world system, maybe god was calling him home people allforloveblog - true believers know there is a difference between talking to god and hearing voices while i am busy working on my upcoming posts on wade robson and karen faye both of which admittedly may take several days each i wanted to address something that i can put up quickly today