National Seminars Group Plugs Baby Boomer Skills

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<p><b>Shawnee Mission, Kan. &mdash; March 2</b><br/>National Seminars Group, the continuing education division of Rockhurst University, has developed a workshop designed to help organizations transfer vital workplace skills and knowledge before the bulk of the baby boomers enter retirement.</p> <p>&quot;For the most part, baby boomers are running the U.S. economy,&quot; said Rocky White, vice president of business training and development services. &quot;When they start to retire in 2010, incredible core competencies will walk out the door with them.&quot;</p> <p>Based on thousands of hours of empirical research on effective leadership, the Mentoring Leadership Certification Program titled, &quot;Because You Believed in Me: Essential Skills &ndash; Timeless Principles,&quot; is designed to show the &quot;Me Generation&quot; how to be the &ldquo;We Generation.&quot;</p> <p>&quot;Baby boomers are accustomed to being the center of attention, and they often have a tough time passing the baton,&quot; White said. &quot;Their work is their life, unlike Generation X, who works to live. </p><p>&quot;This program helps bridge generational gaps so organizations can ensure the competencies that drive their success and flourish in the years ahead.&quot;</p> <p>The program features five training modules, combining a half-day of facilitated learning with a half-day application session to help transfer newly acquired skills to the workplace. </p><p>The modules are &quot;Leading Others,&quot; &quot;Serving Others,&quot; &quot;Mentoring Others,&quot; &quot;Developing and Inspiring Others&quot; and &quot;Succession Planning.&quot;</p> <p>Skills learned include recognizing and rewarding creativity and innovation; developing open, productive communication; cultivating commitment and loyalty; promoting life-work balance; delegating responsibilities and creating a formal plan to transfer critical knowledge and skills from one generation to the next.</p> <p>Each module can be taken as stand-alone training or collectively for full university-backed certification.</p>

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