Earth Defense Force 2017

     Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

All Stages Cleared (Easy) (50)     Clear all stages on easy difficulty.

All Stages Cleared (Hard) (150)    Clear all stages on hard difficulty.

All Stages Cleared (Hardest) (200) Clear all stages on hardest 

All Stages Cleared (Inferno) (300) Clear all stages on inferno 

All Stages Cleared (Normal) (100)  Clear all stages on normal 

All Weapons Aquired (200)          Aquire all weapons.

Unlock Bonus Weapons
     Beat  every  mission  on  a  certain  difficulty  to  unlock  the
corresponding weapon.

Genocide Gun             Beat all missions on Inferno.

PX50 Bound Shot          Beat all missions on Hardest.

Y20 Impulse              Beat all missions on Hard.

ZE Launcher              Beat all missions on Normal.

Zero Laser Rifle         Beat all missions on Easy.

Mission 27
     You  are  stuck  in the middle of a group of tunnels with enemies
coming  at you from all sides. You have three allies, all of whom have
nothing  but  close  ranged  flamethrowers.  What  do  you do? Grab an
assault  rifle and some sentry guns and go to work! Start the stage by
dropping  the guns as fast as you can, activating them as they deploy,
and  then  run down one of the tunnels. This will make all the enemies
that  are  not  in  that  particular corridor have to come through the
center area to get to you.

     The  sentry  guns  will  be doing most of the work for you as you
take  down  the  group  in the tunnel ahead of you. This will give you
some  time  to find a place to hunker down in one of the corridors. If
you can find a location with only two entrances that has a nearby bend
(to reduce some enemy fire), you can remain there and take on incoming
enemies while reloading your sentry guns.

     Once  reloaded,  you  have  the choice of either breaking through
into  the  center  and repeating the process, or using the sentry guns
for extra firepower to take out the remaining enemies.

Mission 32
     This  mission  pits  you and a group of snipers against a massive
influx  of  spiders.  This is made more difficult by the fact that the
battle  takes  place  in  the  middle of a ruined city, and the rubble
makes  it  incredibly difficult to get a shot on the encroaching horde
before it reaches you. The answer to this is surprisingly simple. Grab
a close combat weapon like a shotgun or assault rifle for any close up
work, and an MLRA.

     Since  the  rubble  blocks most of your shots, simply aim upwards
with  the  MLRA  and  sweep  from side to side to lock on to different
spiders.  This  will create an aerial bombardment against the spiders.
They  can  do  nothing to defend themselves against this technique. It
won't net you many power ups, since most of your attackers will die in
the distance, but it will make dispatching your foes much easier.

Mission 33
     Another  mission  against the giant quadruped fortress and itтАЩs
still  not  time  to take it out, despite what HQ wants! Make sure you
have a sniper rifle or rocket launcher to take out the UFO carriers in
this mission, and back it up with whatever weapon you like to take out
the  ants  and Gunships that will be attacking during the onslaught. A
good  shotgun  will get the job done. To start, completely ignore your
troops.  They  are ready to rush into combat and die a valorous death.
Let the A.I. do that.

     You instead, need to move to the left of the starting point until
you  are nearly at the western edge of the stage. From here, take down
any  of  the  enemies  that  are coming in and attack the first of the
carriers.  Attacking the carrier will make any enemies it has deployed
come  in  at you, but you won't have to deal with the enemies that are
under the other carrier.

     At  some  point,  the  fortress will start firing its cannons and
moving.  Make sure you stay far away from it, moving north or south as
needed  to  keep  your distance. As long as you do so, the lasers will
never  come  close enough to be any real threat, leaving you to simply
take  out  the couple of UFO carriers and their attendant enemies. Let
the fortress go its own way. Don't worry; you will have time enough to
take it down next mission!

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