Author Topic: Tag your bots!!  (Read 4484 times)

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Tag your bots!!
« on: February 01, 2007, 08:14:00 PM »
Please read these instructions.  If you don't follow the rules, you make the moderators' lives harder.

All bots posted here will get put into the Bestiary and relevant leagues (if needed), please don't edit your post after it is moved. Rerelease it as a V1.1 bot by all means but changing the code after it is moved can cause problems that I don't really want to fix! If your bot hasn't been moved yet (it's still in the starting gate), please edit the first post in the thread to be the current version of the code, so that people surfing through the beastiary can easily download the "proper" version.  If you want to preserve the original code as well, then do:

blah blah blah

[Your current code]

blah blah blah

[Your original code]

And please clearly mark which is which, preferably with brightly colored text.

Also, if you post a (previously unreleased) working bot on the forum, do me a favour and post it here as well. The Bestiary is a fairly good history of bot evolution, help me help you keep it accurate!!

(If it means you have to post your bot code twice don't worry, it's better than losing the bot you posted..)

Please use this format for posting bots:
Your bot name (Most descriptive league/other tag)(Your screen name)-Date in European Format (DD.MM.YY)

For example:

Animal Minimals (SB)(Numsgil)-15.05.05

Most descriptive league should be the most limiting league your bot could compete for.  If you happen to make a multibot, single store, that doesn't use ties or viruses (that is, something that could qualify for every league), please put each league in its own parenthetical group.  ie: (MB)(SS)(F2).  Note that since it's a single store it does qualify as a short bot anyway.  Just list the leagues that don't necessarily imply each other.

Only list F1 as the league name if it doesn't fit in any other league.  All bots that are eligible for other leagues will automatically be eligible for F1.  SS bots are likewise automatically eligible for the SB league, so you don't have to specify that.

Here are the possible leagues:

SS - Single Store (1S is also acceptable)
SB - Short bot (1G - 6G is also acceptable, where you count the number of genes in your bot)
MB - Multibot
F2 - Bots that don't use ties or viruses.
F1 - Free for all.  Only use this tag if nothing else fits.

If your bot isn't for any of the leagues, use some other tag.  Like evobot for something that's been mutated, or something that's for mutating.  Use whatever tag you like, there aren't as many rules here.  Preferably something to indicate which forum it goes in.

Last, it's extremely helpful if you can attach a .txt of your bot to the end of the first post.  However, be 100% sure that it represents the bot in that first post.  If you edit the code for the bot in that first post, and the .txt attachment isn't up to date, it will cause confusion.  If you're not sure you can remember to keep things up to date like this, be safe and don't include a .txt attachment.  You can't name the .txt the same as the topic title for some reason (parenthesis are converted to _ for some reason), so just do the bot name.

If your robot does not fit in the post you can attach it as a .txt file. Please specify clearly in the post that the robot does not fit!
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Rules for posting here;
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 10:13:25 PM »
Updated the rules.  Mostly expanding in the direction Jez was going.

If you're current thread in the Starting Gate doesn't match the rules above (not enough information, or in the wrong format) it would be greatly appreciated if you'd fix it yourself.  You know way better than I do what league your bot should be run in, and when it was made, and by who.
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Rules for posting here;
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2008, 10:32:05 PM »
In case anyone read my original changes in the last 20 minutes, I've updated the rules again.

For the curious, I think I can get some sort of webcrawler bot put together to automatically search the beastiary for bots and save them to your computer.  But for it to work, the naming convention needs to be extremely regular and consistent.
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Re: Tag your bots!!
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2014, 03:25:19 PM »
I am going to go trough the MB league and attempt to qualify SS and SB bots appropriately.
Mutation robots are allowed in the leagues. But you must specify which one.
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