Benedict Kuhn Family

The family of Benedict Kuhn came to SC in 1752 on the Upton. According to his bounty petition he had a wife and son, George Adam, 8 years old.  His family was awarded a bounty grant of 150 acres on Crims Creek, located near
St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC. In 1802, the son, George Koon, Sr., sold part of this grant to George Koon, Jr. (Newberry Deeds E-585).

In 1788, Benedict Kuhn gave land to his wife, Christiana Rook, alias Koone, "to take care of Benedick Koone in sick health until the day of his death." (Newberry Deeds A-630). Christiana Koon, sold the land in 1791 to George Koon (Newberry Deeds B-87).

I. George Adam Koon, Sr., born about 1744, died about 1821.  Rosannah Barbara
Long, daughter of  Jacob Lang and wife Elizabeth, was the wife of George Adam Koon,
Sr. at the time of his death. Rosannah Barbara Koon was born after her parents came to SC in 1766 and was not the mother of George Adam Koon's children (C.W. Nichols, "A Solution to Eleanor Wicker's Cromer Puzzle,"Dutch Fork Digest 3:207, 1988).  After the death of George Adam Koon, Sr., Rosanna Barbara Koon lived with Martin Koon and wife, Eve Margaret Feagle, in the Stone Hills and is found on early membership list of St. Luke's Lutheran Church.

A. Martin Koon, died before 1821.

1. Henry Koon.
2. Emanuel Koon.
3. Martin Koon, born 1799 died 28 June 1873, Edgefield County, S.C, married Eve Feagle,
born about 1800, daughter of Lawrence Feagle and Rachel Quattlebaum.  In 1818, George Koon sold land to Martin Koon, Jr. (Newberry Deeds M-364).  This was part of a tract
that George Adam Koon had bought in 1804 (Newberry Deeds F-296). Martin Koon
(wife Eve) sold this land in 1821 to George Koon (Newberry Deeds P-2, p. 182).  

a. George A. Koon, died CSA, wife named Catherine.
b. Rachel Koon, married Andrew Myers.
c. Elizabeth Koon.
d. Louisa Koon.
e. Frederick Hartwell Koon, born 3 August 1821, died 1909, married Sarah Knight, born 1819, died 1876.  They moved to Columbia County, FL.
f. Absalom Koon, born 1822, died 14 January 1865, Richmond, VA (CSA), married Lavinia A. Taylor, born 1825, died 7 May 1906, daughter of  William Taylor and Elizabeth Dominick. Moved to Columbia County, FL.
g. Levi Koon, born 1830, wife named Mary Ann Leannah.
h. Mary Ann Koon, born 1835.
i. Wiley L. Koon, born 22 July 1837, died 21 December 1910, married Millie Savannah
Bledsoe, died 28 May 1928. Lived at Graniteville (Aiken County), SC.
j. Sarah Koon, born 1840.

B. Uriah Koon served in the RevolutionaryWar.  When Uriah Koon sold land in 1802,
his wife was named Elizabeth (Newberry Deeds E-517). When he sold land in 1822,
his wife was named Christina (Newberry Deeds P-2, 177).  Uriah Koon moved to the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church area near Johnston, S.C. In 1819, Uriah Koon, Sr. sold land to Uriah Koon, Jr., who, with wife Eve Margaret, sold the same tract in 1821 (Newberry Deeds P-2, 181).  In 1820 Uriah Koon sold land to Abraham Koon (Newberry P-2, 427).

1. Abraham Koon, died 13 August 1827, married Catharine (Katy), died about 1864.

a. Rachel Caroline Koon, died before 1850, married (as first wife), Jacob Koon, born
about 1815, son of John Koon and Barbara Rinehart.
b. Wm Jefferson Koon, born 1 August 1819, died 18 July 1853, marred (her first husband)
Elizabeth Caroline Long, born 27 March 1828, died 11 April 1906, daughter of John Long.
c. Susan Koon, married George A. Fikes.
d. Levenia (Vinny) Koon, married W. Long.
e. Mary Magdalene Koon, born about 1827.

2. Uriah Koon, Jr., wife named Eve Margaret.
3. Elijah Koon, wife named Elizabeth.
4. Silas Koon, died before 1837, married Hannah Suber, died 1837.

a. George Adam Koon, born 21 January 1829, died 1864 (CSA), married 21 December 1848, Sarah Ann Elizabeth Louvinia Wedaman. 
b. Andrew Silas Koon, born 25 December 1831, died May 1891, wife named Margaret.
Lived in Abbeville County, SC.

C. John Koon, died 1848, married 1) Margaret Cromer, died about 1798, daughter of Frederick Cromer and wife, Maria Sybella. He married 2) Barbara Rinehart, died 1850 daughter of Matthias Rinehart and Margaret Lagrone. The baptismal fraktur of the daughter
Christina, gives her mothers' name as Barbara Rinehart.  John Koon lived on a tract that he received from his father, George Coon, Sr. (C. W. Nichols, "The first John Koons of the Dutch Fork," Dutch Fork Digest IV(3):47, 1989).

  John Koon made will 2 January 1845 (proven 11 January 1848) naming wife, Barbara,
and sons: David, Jacob, Ephraim, Henry, Martin and Adam and daughters; Elizabeth,
Happy Caroline and Christina Prysock.  The homeplace on Crims Creek was left to wife, Barbara, during her lifetime, then to son Ephraim Koon. In a codicil, dated 29 November 1847, John Koon included the children of daughter Christina Prysock, widow of Michael Charles, naming grandchildren as: Harriet, Franklin, Anderson, David and Elizabeth Charles.

   A son of John Koon, Samuel Koon, died 8 November 1843 with next of kin being
father, John Koon, and siblings: David, Jacob, Ephraim, Elizabeth, and Happy Koon and Christena Charles (Sandra Lee, "Newberry County, SC Equity Records 1818-1844, p. 242).

Children by Margaret Cromer:
1. Martin Koon.
2. Adam Koon.
3. Henry Koon, born 1 February 1798, died 5 October 1884, married Sarah Souter,
born 20 June 1800, died 10 Sept 1890.  Moved to Union County, SC, and both buried in Koon Family Cemetery.

Children by Barbara Rinehart:
4. Christina Koon, born 16 September 1801, died 23 February 1884, married 1) Michael Charles and moved to Union County, SC. She married 2) John F. Prisock, born 8 October 1819 died 26 January 1896. 
5. David Koon, born  22 September 1804, died 11 January 1855 (typhoid fever), married 1) 19 April 1829, Elizabeth Kibler, born 1 January 1813, died 11 January 1844; married 2) 1 February 1845, Margaret Kibler, born 1 January 1818, died 20 October 1888, daughters of Michael Kibler, Sr. and Mary Kinard. All three buried Glymph Cemetery.

Children by Elizabeth Kibler:
a. Wiley Drayton Koon, born 19 April 1830, died 4 January 1855 of typhoid fever. Did
not marry. Buried Glymph Cemetery.
b. Aaron Hamilton Koon, born 20 November 1831, died 17 August 1864, Deep Bottom, VA (CSA), married Martha Elizabeth Feagle, born 30 March 1836, died 25 February 1902, daughter of  George Feagle and Anna Margaret Houseal.
c. Francis Lavinia (Viney) Koon, born 14 June 1833, died 13 October 1913, married Jesse
Marshall Shealy, born 9 January 1833, died 6 May 1908, son of  Rev. David Shealy and Sallie Lindler. Both buried Union Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Irmo, SC.
d. John Langston (Lang) Koon, born 26 January 1835, died 6 January 1855 (typhoid fever).
Did not marry. Buried Glymph Cemetery.
e. William Walter Koon, born 5 October 1837, died 10 July 1863, Gettysburg, PA (CSA),
married 28 March 1861 (as first husband) Mary Jane Feagle, born 23 November 1842, died 18 January 1908(?), daughter of George Feagle and Anna Margaret Houseal.
f. Elvira Irene (Elvie) Koon, born 5 March 1839, died 1888, married 1) John Belton
Ballentine, born about 1837, died 18 June 1862 (CSA); married 2) Drayton Luther
Ballentine, born 13 January 1848, died 17 November 1937. Butied with second husband at
Bethel Lutheran Church cemetery, White Rock, SC..

Children by Margaret Kibler:
g. Wallace Paul Koon, born 1 December 1845, died 23 October 1938, married 9 December 1869, Rebecca Ann Cromer, born 8 October 1851, died 21 August 1935, daughter of  Michael Cromer and Celia Kinard.  Both buried Glymph Cemetery.
h. John Michael Koon, born 19 July 1847, died 14 June 1892, married 1) 1 December 1866, Mary G. Balentine, born 17 December 1859, died 3 March 1884, daughter of Frederick Ballentine and Mary Jane Epting; married 2) Minnie Lovinia Riser, born 1 November 1862, died 6 September 1936, daughter of  James Anderson Riser and Martha Cornelia Busby. John is buried with first wife in Glymph Cemetery.
i. Sarah Elizabeth Koon, born 27 October 1849, died 13 November 1938, married Henry Milton Walker Glymph, born 7 October 1845, died 4 June 1903, son of Lemuel Glymph and Sarah Kinard.
j. Uriah Bluford Koon, born 16 November 1852, died 10 May 1855. 

6. Samuel Koon, died 8 November 1843.  Did not marry.
7. Elizabeth Koon, born about 1812, died 26 January 1884, married 23 August 1849, Peter
Suber, born 8 October 1819, died 2 September 1881, son of  Conrad Suber and Polly Felker.
8. Jacob Koon, born about 1815, married 1) Rachel Caroline Koon, daughter of Abraham Koon and wife, Catherine; married 2) Susannah Elizabeth Farr, born 29 December 1822, died 10 October 1909, daughter of Conrad Farr and Anna C. Swittenberg.

Child by Rachel Caroline Koon:
a. John Cornelius Koon, born September 1840, wife named Melissa R., born 18 February 1847.

Children by Susanna Elizabeth Farr:
b. Mary Jane Koon, born 6 February 1849, died 11 January 1906. Did not marry. Buried St. Paul's Lutheran Church cemetery.
c. John Henry Koon, born 6 February 1849, died 7 November 1937, married Martha Watson, born 14 February 1859, died 15 February 1944. Both buried Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church cemetery.
d. Eleanora (Nora) Koon, born about 1851.
e. Laura Koon, born about 1856.
f. James M. Koon, born about 1860.

9. William Ephraim Koon, born 24 February 1817, died 20 October 1853, married Susannah Dickert, born 19 September 1820, died 5 February 1906, daughter of  John Jacob Dickert and Christina Riser. Moved to TX.
10. Happy Caroline Koon, born about 1825, married (as first wife) Oliver Perry
Fulmer, born 22 January 1832, died 3 April 1882, son of George Michael Fulmer and Nancy Eleazer. Both buried Fulmer-Summer family cemetery, Little Mountain, SC.

D. George Adam Koon, Jr., born about 1778, died 9 March 1850.  His wife, Anna
Margaret, born about 1811, was obviously not the mother of the older children.
After death of George Adam Koon, Ann Margaret Koon married David Ridlehover.

1. John Koon, born about 1797, died about 7 December 1854, married Christina Kinard, born about 1796, daughter of Martin Kinard and Elizabeth Kinard.
2. Catharine Koon, born about 1800
3. Anna Mary Koon, born about 1803, married Michael Slice, born about 1800, son of Uriah Slice.
4. George Adam Koon, III, born 1807, died 1888, married 1) 15 April 1834, Sarah Cromer, born 22 February 1808, daughter of John Frederick Cromer and Barbara Sligh. They moved to AL, then to Prentiss County, MS.  George Adam Koon, III, had a second wife named Opilicah H.   
5. Eve Margaret Koon, born about 1815, married (as 2nd wife) Capt. John Counts, born
1768, died 24 June 1847; married 2) William F. Snelgrove, born 30 May 1831, died 27
September 1860.
6. David Koon, born about 1816 died 15 October 1851, married 5 February 1839, Catherine Caroline Chapman, born 13 May 1816, died 23 January 1858, daughter of William Chapman and Margaret Koon.
7. Elizabeth Koon.
8. Lavenia Koon.
9. Jacob Koon, born about 1830.
10. Martha Koon, born about 1832, married Thomas Hendrix.
11. Henry Koon, born about 1838, died 1857.  Did not marry.
12. William Koon, born about 1843.
13. Philip H. Koon, born 22 June 1845, died 27 September 1903, married (as third husband) Mrs. Ursula Burnham Smith Vaughn, born about 1831,  widows of 1) William R.
Smith, and 2) James C. Vaughn.

E. Adam Koon, died 1841, married Mary Lagrone, born 1791, daughter of  John Adam Lagrone and Mary Magdalene Houseal. They moved to Perry County, Alabama and the descendants went by the name "Cone".

1. Mary Cone, born 13 November 1805, died 14 August 1866, married 18 January 1824, Obediah Belcher, born 28 January 1805, died 11 September 1869. Lived in Perry County, AL.
2. Martha (Patsy) Cone, born 1809, died after 1880, married 1 September 1833, George Kinard, Jr., born 1804, died after 1880, daughter of Capt. George Kinard and Catherine Koon. Moved to Pickens, later Marion County, and finally settled in Fayette County, AL.
3. William Cone, born 13 June 1810, died 5 July 1851, married 1) 14 December1835, Elizabeth Duke; married 2) 19 January 1843, Rosannah Durden. Lived in Perry County, AL.
4. Henry Jacob Cone, died 1846, married 22 December 1840, Minerva Amanda Duke, born 1819, died 1898. Lived in Perry County, AL.
5. Salinda Cone, m. James Mowdy
6. George Washington Cone, born 1820, died 28 January 1863, married 4 May 1841, Martha Caroline Duke. Moved to AR.
7. Mahala Cone, born AL, married 11 February 1841, Andrew Jaggers.
8. Martin Luther Cone, born 1825 in AL, died 1877, married October 1845, Sarah Ann
Scarborough, born 1830, died 1890. Moved to Milam County, TX.
9. Belinda Cone, born 1828 in AL, married 1 March 1849, Andrew Whitman, born 17 July 1829, son of Samuel Whitman and Polly Lagrone.

F. David Koon
G. Elizabeth Koon married Frederick Christian Cromer, born about 1760, son of Frederick Cromer and wife, Sybella.

1. Simon Cromer, born 10 December 1799, married 1) Catherine Wicker, born about 1794, daughter of  John Adam Wicker and wife, Katherine. Moved to Perry County, AL. Some of the children moved to Union County, SC.
2. Adam Cromer, born about 1808, married 1) Cassandra Hunt, daughter of Elisha Hunt and wife, Rachel. They first moved to Union County, SC, then to Cherokee County, AL.; married 2) Jenny ____ .

H. Catharine Koon, born about 1780, died 22 Jan 1861, married Capt.George Kinard, born about 1780, died 5 February 1833, son of John Kinard, Jr. and wife, Elizabeth.

1. David Kinard, born about 1800, moved before 1850 to Washington County, TX, and
died about 1854. Descendants moved to Polk County, TX.
2. John Kinard, born about 1803, died 20 October 1872. Did not marry.
3. George Kinard, born about 1804, died after 1870, married 1 September 1833 (Perry County, AL) Patsy Koon, born about 1810, daughter of Adam Koon and Mary Lagrone.
4. Mary Kinard, born about 1810, died April 1880, married John David Koon, born 1822, died 25 November 1867, son of  John Koon and Christina Kinard.
5. Henry Kinard, born 22 December 1813, died 26 March 1862, married Happy Delilah Koon, born 5 October 1820, died 12 March 1898, daughter of  John Koon and Christina Kinard.
6. Jacob Kinard, born 22 December 1813, died 1878, married 15 March 1837 (Bibb County, AL) Rhuma Elizabeth Palmer, born 20 January 1820, died 1900. Both buried Mathias Cemetery, Bibb County, AL.
7. Elizabeth Kinard, born about 1814, died before 1861, married (as 3rd wife) Martin
Suber, born about 1790, died 1855, son of  Conrad Suber and Lucy Wicker.
8. Catherine Kinard, born about 1815.  Did not marry.
9. Joseph Kinard, born 19 March 1816.  Died young.
10. Eve Kinard, born about 1817. Did not marry.
11. Martha Kinard, born 22 September 1818, married 1) (as 2nd wife) George Sondley, born 9 October 1798, died 13 November 1847; married 2) William Boland, born about 1821, died 25 July 1863.
12. Celia Kinard, born 1820, died about 1866, married Michael Cromer, born 1797, died
1866, son of John George Cromer, Sr. and wife, Margaret.

I. Barbara Koon married (as second wife) William Swittenberg.  Barbara Koon may have been born about 1801 and a daughter of George Adam Koon, Sr. and Rosana Barbara Long. In the LWT of George Adam Koon he names daughters: Elizabeth, Barbara, and Katherine. In other estate papers, daughters are given as wives of Christian Cromer, George Kinard, and William Swettenberger (Sandra Lee's Equities, P. 240).

II. Nicholas Koon was born about 1752, and died December 1831. He married Mary Magdalena DeWalt, born about 1760, died about 1844, daughter of Daniel DeWalt, Sr. and Susannah Krebil (Graybil). Mary Magdalena DeWalt is mentioned as Magdalena in the will of Daniel DeWalt (Newberry Wills A-43) and as Mary Koon in her mother's will (Will of Susannah Wendel, Newberry Wills E-35).  About 1790, the family moved to Rutherford County, NC.  Both are buried in the Koone Cemetery, Rutherford County, NC.

     In 1773 Nicholas Cune, Millwright, bought land from George Hollman on Crims Creek.  He and wife sold this land in 1777 (Rosalyn Summer Sease Indenture Collection, Caroliniana Library).  In 1802, Nicholas Koon and wife, Mary, and son, George Koon, Jr. of Rutherford County, NC for $100 sold their interest in the estate of Benedict Koon to George Koon, Sr. (Newberry Deeds E-315).   The deed states that Nicholas and George Koon, Sr. were brothers.

Thanks to Donna Bentley ( for family information.    

A. George Koon, born 1778, died 19 July 1860, Mountain Creek, Rutherford County, NC. He married 7 November 1804, Anester (Annie) Ownbey, born 14 November 1785 (Orange County, VA), died 9 September 1868 (Rutherford County, NC) daughter of James Ownbey and Joann Sims. 

1. John Koon, born 1808, Mountain Creek, Rutherford County, NC, died Lake Charles, LA.
2. Madison Koon, b. 1 June 1810, married 26 October 1833, Morena Mourning Blankenship, born 29 February 1816 (Rutherford County, NC), died 27 September 1871.  They settled in McDowell County, NC.
3. Ruth Koon, born December 1812, died after 1910, married 30 August 1832, Barnabas (Barnet) Blankenship, born 1811 (Rutherford County, NC), died 10 September 1877, son of Presley Blankenship and Frances Ross.  They lived in Yancey County, NC.
4. Miriam Nanney Koon, born 30 May 1815.
5. Damaris Koon, born 19 June 1818, married ___ Morgan.
6. Armintha Adair Koon, born 1820.
7. Dewalt Koon, born 15 November 1823.
8. Mary Polly Koon, born after 1825, died Pencola, Yancy County, MS.  Married ___ Ray.

B. Peter Koon, born about 1784, died 19 October 1851, married Susanna Ownbey, born 12 December 1793, died about 1877, daughter of James Ownbey and Joann Sims.   Both buried in Koon Cemetery, Gilkey, Rutherford County, NC.  Peter Koon served in the War of 1812.

1. Daniel David Koon, born 16 October 1812.
2. Marion Koon, born about 1814, died August 1886, married Elizabeth Morgan, died 1 March 1910.  Both buried Koon Cemetery, Gilkey, NC.
3. Aaron Koon, born 1820.
4. Adam Koon, born 1820.
5. Malinda Koon, born 3 March 1822, married 25 January 1872, John H. P. Stokes.
6. Noah Koon, born 1827, died before 1863, Point Lookout Prison, MD (CSA), married Susan I. Hunter. 
7. Susan Koon, born about 1828, died about 1883.  Buried Koon cemetery, Gilkey, NC.
8. Mary (Polly) Koon, born 29 October 1832.
9. Jane Koon, born 1835, died after 1850.
10.  Martha Koon, born 14 March 1840.

C.   Rachel Koon, born about 1790.
D. Mary Jane Koon, born 1793, Rutherford County, NC, died 1891, Greenbriar, Sevier County, TN.  She married 17 February 1812, John Ownbey, born 4 April 1791, died 3 September 1857, son of James Ownbey and Joann Sims.  They moved to Greenbriar, Sevier County, TN.

1. David Ownbey.
2. Madison Ownbey.
3. John B. Ownbey.
4. Sarah Elmira Ownbey.
5. James Ownbey, married 7 February 1858 (in McDowell County, NC) Elizabeth Clements.
6. Rachel Ownbey.
7. Mary Ownbey.
8. Nicholas H. Ownbey, born 11 December 1812, died 15 August 1883, married 1834 in Sevier County, TN, Mary Ogle, born 24 January 1815 (TN), died 7 February 1903, daughter of Thomas Ogle and Sophia Bosley.  They lived in Sevier County, TN.
9. George Ownbey.

E.   Susannah Koon, born about 1796, married Robert Hodge.

Submitter: Carl Nichols

Bio updated July 29, 2003