Ben Affleck's Batman may appear in the Flashpoint movie but is unlikely to get his own solo film.

Variety reports Affleck might don the cape and cowl once more for Flash's first solo movie, which will adapt the popular 2011 Flashpoint comic storyline. However, it appears highly unlikely Affleck will actually get to portray the Dark Knight in director Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Reeves reportedly wants to cast the role with fresh talent. Recent rumors suggest Jake Gyllenhaal might be up for the role, but Warner Bros. has yet to officially comment on the matter.

Affleck recently said Reeves' upcoming Batman movie is something he's contemplating as he seeks a "graceful and cool way" to exit the Batman role. Warner Bros. is reportedly planning to reorganize DC Films following Justice League's disappointing box office performance.

Flashpoint details an alternate universe where Superman is held captive and Bruce Wayne is dead. Other heroes have had their status quo flipped upside-down as well, thanks to Barry Allen's attempt to go back in time and save his mother from being murdered.

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