Why does my WHMCS fail to validate?

Having been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind, WHMCS makes things as easy as possible. Nevertheless, WHMCS requires certain features to be installed to make it function correctly. One of those is the ability to validate licensing via CURL. For more information, please see the details outlined below.

Information collected by WHMCS:

  • WHMCS Installation Directory
  • WHMCS Domain Name
  • WHMCS IPv4/IPv6 IP addressing

Upon having collected all this information, WHMCS will go ahead and sync this information with the licensing server. If it’s unable to reach the licensing server for up to seven (7) days, you may receive an error such as the one below:

WHMCS has not been able to verify your license for the past 7 days or more. Before you can access your WHMCS Admin Area again, your license needs to be verified. Make sure you do not have a firewall blocking the connection to our server.

Should you get the aforementioned error, please take a look at the suggested ways of resolving this error below. Please note that both items are necessary for WHMCS to function correctly.

  • CURL - CURL is an extremely important part of WHMCS and is needed for a majority of the operations performed within WHMCS, such as server connections etc.
  • DNS - DNS is a vital part of WHMCS in order to be able to resolve hostnames of servers, domain name lookups, and licensing. Please make sure that your WHMCS installation is able to perform lookups.

Should you have any further questions pertaining to your WHMCS license, please feel free to get in contact with our web hosting support team for additional assistance.

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