Alberto Fabio Riccardo, Italian Rescue Task Force

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Received from:, NIGERIA, ZOOM Mobile Nigeria Ltd
Subject: Italian Emergency & Rescue Team.
Date: 2016-09-13
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Italian Rescue Task Force
Emergency & Rescue Team
Personal Request on Italy Earthquake Tragedy

To Your Attention:


We write to indicate our wiliness and able to transact this deal with you on trust, as we got your contact through our country business group page.

We are the Italian Emergency and Rescue operation team that presided over the recent earthquake disaster here in Italy. Our Emergency Rescue operators discovered in one of the earthquake collapse Mortgage Finance Company, strong boxes that contained $7.2million USD all together which we have recovered and kept clandestine on our own use because it is a lost money as the company and the staffs collapsed completely.

However, we seek for your assistance to clear and receive this money for us in ABU DHABI - United Arab Emirates because it is not secure here in Italy as we have considered to move it diplomatically as a family belonging Packaged to ABU DHABI been a neutral exit and TAX free country.

Basically, we have already considered that since this is a deal, we will share it equal with you based on your own part of effort and some other assistance you will render, like going to ABU DHABI - United Arab Emirates, clearing the money and to receive it on our behalf from the Diplomats and save it into a secure Bank Account.

Please this is our foremost reason of contacting you, and it will interest us to keep it as a top secret because we would not want our Government to know about this development so that we will sent out the diplomatic fund to enable you fly down to ABU DHABI - United Arab Emirates to represent us and pick the Consignment fund Packaged as soon as the diplomas arrival to ABU DHABI and contact with you.

If you agreed and will handle this truthfully with us, write us immediately and don?t tell this to anybody to save our work, so you should keep it within yourself only.

So, if your are able, kindly get in touch immediately to enable us take some legal agreements steps with you and move the fund before it is late because very soon, our PRIME MINISTER will be calling us for a meeting on some issues discovered about the earthquake.

Please hasten up if you are interested and don?t mind the cost as we will take care of the expenditures to move this fund down to ABU DHABI - United Arab Emirates were you will communicate with the Diplomas and take over the money to your safekeeping before will make up time and come over for disbursements as tears flows as Italy prepares state funeral for quake dead.

I will stop herein briefly till we hear from you before we expose the box packaged money to you. Write us privately.

Thanks in anticipation,
Alberto Fabio Riccardo
Director of the Operation
Italian Rescue Task Force
Emergency & Rescue Team
Date: 13/09/2016