Avengers Classic (I) (1-12) (2007-2008)
Series No. Date Year Title
Avengers Classic 1 August 2007 The Coming of the Avengers! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #1)
Some assembly required!

The real origin of the Avengers!

Avengers Classic 2 September 2007 The Avengers battle... the Space Phantom (Reprint from Avengers (I) #2)
No good deed goes unpunished!
Avengers Classic 3 October 2007 The Avengers meetů Sub-Mariner! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #3)

Crack in the Armor! (Iron Man)

Avengers Classic 4 November 2007 Captain America joins...The Avengers (Reprint from Avengers (I) #4)
Blues in the Night (Captain America)
Avengers Classic 5 December 2007 The Invasion of the Lava Men! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #5)
The Wolf and the Other (Captain America, Bucky, Thor)
Avengers Classic 6 January 2008 The mighty Avengers meet the Masters of Evil! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #6)
Stings (Wasp)
Avengers Classic 7 February 2008 Their darkest hour! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #7)
Dimension 6.5 (Enchantress, Executioner, Dr. Zemo)
Avengers Classic 8 March 2008 Kang, the Conqueror! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #8)
Love is a Battlefield (Rick Jones)
Avengers Classic 9 April 2008 The coming of the... Wonder Man! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #9)
He made her the bait! (Wonder Man, Wasp)
Avengers Classic 10 May 2008 The Avengers Break Up! (Reprint from Avengers (I) #10)
Unrung (Captain America, Rick Jones, Immortus)
Avengers Classic 11 June 2008 The Mighty Avengers meet Spider-Man (Reprint from Avengers (I) #11)
Along came a Spider! (Captain America, Spider-Man, Giant-Man)
Avengers Classic 12 July 2008 This hostage Earth (Reprint from Avengers (I) #12)
Into the great wide open (The Moloids)
The Mole Man of the Ants! (The Moloids)