torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2012

Bound headstock and heel cap

I decided to try out two new things with the neck. Binding the headstock and laminating the heel cap of several layers. Both seemed to come out pretty nicely.
The koa wood binding with black/white/black purfling comes from stewmac and looks awesome!
Both the ebony fingerboard and the headstock are now
bound with koa, with black/white/black purfling at the bottom.
It does give the neck a pretty finished look!

The heel cap is walnut/koa/walnut/flame maple sandwich

The neck-to-headstock transition is not the smoothest possible yet.
Anyway, the binding has to be cut down to accommodate the bone saddle.
The side dots I made out of black shielded solid copper wire.
It looks a bit messy right now due to cyanoacrylate. Hope it cleans out later.

Some detail issues here. Fortunately out of sight of the right handed player

The fretboard position dots are classic 4mm abalone.

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