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Shalee lhaih 2015: shiaghtin 06

Go here for English version. Note, this is rewritten from scratch, not a direct translation.

2h-8oo Toshiaght Arree

Jerrey sheyoo shiaghtin ny Shalee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

ひだまりスケッチ ym-lioar 3 (蒼樹 うめ)

Contoyrtyssyn haithyssagh as eddrym elley skimmee Hidamari. S'mooar lhiam ny taghyrtyn kiune as neuchramp ta jannoo magh bea ny caillinyn shoh. Ta skeealyn elley jeant jeh ard-haghyrtyn son y chooid smoo, as s'taittin lhiam goaill aash lesh cooishyn sloo nish as reesht. Ny yei shen, ta ny doilleeidyn as boiraghyn cadjin shoh ard-scanshoil da ny karracteyryn - nagh vel nyn noilleeidyn hene foawragh dooinyn? - as ta Aoki soilshaghey magh yn ennaghtyn shen dy mie, caghlaa dy schlei eddyr aittys as trome-chooishaght. She skeealyn eunyssagh as lane vree t'ayn, as t'ad cur orrym aachooinaghtyn my laaghyn hene 'sy scoill, ga nagh row mish 'syn Çhapaan.

ひだまりスケッチ ym-lioar 4 (蒼樹 うめ)

Cha row eh foym lhiam yn ym-lioar shoh foast, agh v'eh ry-laue. Ny smoo contoyrtyssyn kiune marish caillinyn ny scoill ellyn. Ta daa chaillin noa ayn 'sy chied vrastyl. Er lhiam dy vel Nazuna gyn monney bree - dy jarroo, t'ee jeant myr caillin neuchummeydagh ta croghey er cooney sleih elley, agh hooar mee dy row ee faase 'sy skeeal hene noadyr. Agh er y laue elley, ta Nori fondagh as anaasoil dy liooar, as ta ny caillinyn elley lane aitt foast.

Kafka on the shore (Murakami Haruki)

Hooar mee yn lioar shoh myr gioot laa ruggyree, agh shegin dou goaill rish nagh lhiahym ee. Hoshiaght, cheayll mee dy nee groamey t'ayn, as hug shen jeem lhaih eh. Nish, ta mee er lhaih kuse dy varelyn as er lhiam nagh by vie lhiam eh. Er lhieu, she skeeal lane chast as neuvaghtal t'ayn, as cha nel y jerrey feaysley magh monney - dooyrt fer ny ghaa nagh vel y jerrey feer vie noadyr. Hooar mee myrgeddin dy vel eh loayrt er torçhaghey beiyn dy baghtal (ersooyl lesh) as t'eh ceau ram tra liorish sleih loayrt myr paab er kiaull as lettyraght ard-inçhynagh, as reddyn jiooldagh elley. Erskyn shen, screeu baghteyr dy hug Murakami sannish da sleih y lioar y lhaih tree ny kiare keayrtyn er son dy hoiggal eh. Screeu y baghteyr shen goaill yindys my ta Murakami hene toiggal eh. Shoh, wahll... ny jean. Cha nel kied eh dy yerkal rhym lhaih dty lioar reesht as reeshtagh as doghys orrym dy hoiggym eh fy-yerrey. Ny share cur eh gys Oxfam.

Fockle s'jerree

Lhaih (ny scryss) mee 3 lioaryn, va 145 yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, myr shen ta 142 faagit dou nish.

As beggan staddyssaght: mastey ny lioaryn ta faagit aym, ta 46 'syn Çhapaanish, 10 'sy Vretnish, 6 'syn Çheenish as 3 'sy Ghaelg. Ta 29 nyn mangaghyn as 54 nyn lioaryn-l.

English version

2nd-8th of February

The end of week six of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

ひだまりスケッチ vol. 3 (蒼樹 うめ)

A fun, lighthearted book with more adventures of the Hidamari crew. I love the gentleness and simplicity of the everyday situations they deal with, which forms a pleasing contrast with the dramatic fare of most books. But these ordinary trials and concerns are overwhelmingly important to the characters, and Aoki evokes this well. They are charming and lively stories, and remind me of being at school, even though I wasn't in Japan.

ひだまりスケッチ volume 4 (蒼樹 うめ)

I wasn't intending to read another volume of this yet, but it was conveniently nearby. More gentle, fun adventures of the art school girls, now joined by two new first-years. I found Nazuna a bit of a limp character - obviously she's meant to be helpless and ineffectual, but she also didn't feel very strong narratively. But Nori has some definite presence, and the others are fun as ever.

Kafka on the shore (Murakami Haruki)

I was given this as a birthday present from a friend who loves it, but I have to concede that I'm just never going to read it. I was put off initially by hearing that it's fairly depressing. Having read through quite a few non-spoiler reviews now, it just doesn't sound like my cup of tea. It seems to be complicated and vague, and has an ending that doesn't resolve things, both of which tend to irritate me. Apparently it also contains horrible sections about torturing animals (nope) and lots of people verbosing about highbrow music, highbrow literature and other things that make me nauseous. Finally, one reviewer notes that Murakami suggests reading it three or four times to understand it, with the footnote that the reviewer wonders whether Murakami understands it himself. This, just... no. You don't get to tell me to read your book multiple times for it to make sense. You get sent to Oxfam instead.


I read/chucked 3 books, I had 145 last week, so 142 are left over.

And a bit of statistics: of the remaining books, 46 are Japanese, 10 Welsh, 6 Chinese and 3 Manx. 29 are manga and 54 are ebooks.

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