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PSP Committee Meeting 41st Committee - July 2015

Photo : Peter Ho  

    1. Song Jin Tek appointed as International Photo Salon & Awards Chairman with Khor Sek Min Jeff to assist him as Deputy Awards Chairman.
    2. Proposal by Ivan Ang to have monthly photo event but geared towards Salon photography standard.
    3. More In house Competition based on local on going events but geared towards raising club's photo standard.
       The final award for this - Best Photographer of the Year..
    4. Llfe Members will be issued with a new membership card. Members will be notified where and when to collect them.
    5. Charitable photographic sessions with charitible organisations in need for this.
    6. PSP welcomes 3 new Life Members - Yew Tiam Seang Cloud, Fong Peng Chuan Foley Hits & Lim Chee Keong