Reverend Father Frank Smith


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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018
Subject: amount of $850.000.00 dollars


i am rev. frank smith i came to send you this mail to remember you about the cheque amount of $850.000.00 dollars i drected you to cliam in the DHL Express lome togo africa last time but sein then i have never hear from your respond anymore because the DHL email you to the korean payment which is 350euro and you keep sellent to their mail friend why this is very very real not what you may think Ok i am a reverend father frank smith i do not tell lies ok or you do not have trust them fly down here in togo and see this face to face try to know that i am just doing this for your own good because i know that immediately this cheque get to you by the delivery company . you we never forget me because i directed you and let you to know that this is real and also put your trust in this amount $850.000.00 dollars that your chage which you are going to spend in this we never lost from you try to believe it and trust and have trust to this that it is for real. i promise you that immediately you follow up with the DHL company the cheque it will be sent to you without any delay

From reverend father frank smith