1. I would like to withdraw my original patch - it does not solve all the issues. Sorry for committing it prematurely. The original bug still remains though.
2. "The main stream of a PDF always starts with offset 0": This is true if the filename PDFDoc constructor is used. But my bug refer to when the PDFDoc is created with a BaseStream as input. This stream could have a offset != 0, fex if you have concatenated many PDFS into one file. Today the code does not handle this case and the use of this PDFDoc constructor should be avoided until it's fixed. I'm working on a more comprehensive patch.

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Comment # 3 on bug 95061 from Thomas Freitag
I'm a little bit confused about it: 
1. If I parse the PDF of comment 2 i.e. with /utils/pdftoppm -png -f 1 -l 1
-cropbox I don't get any error messages.
2. The main stream of a PDF always starts with offset 0
3. The PDF spec says about the H entry in the "Linearization Parameter
Dictionary": offset1 shall be the offset of the primary hint stream from the
beginning(!!!) of the file.
4. All offsets in poppler, i.e. also the xref offets, are offsets from the
beginning of a file and never add some hypothetical offet of substreams

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