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North Platte. The canal feeds NPPD's hydroelectric plant. A NPPD official said if the 
seepage continues, the slope of the canal could weaken. The $100,000 project should 
end the week of November 7. 
October 29, Medill News Service
 – (National) $1 billion needed for levee repairs. The 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it needs about $1 billion to repair the damage from 
this year’s catastrophic flooding in the Missouri and Mississippi basins, Medill News 
Service reported October 29. Last spring brought as much as 10 times the normal 
rainfall to the south and midwest, which mixed with melting snow to produce record 
river levels along the lower Ohio and Mississippi rivers, the Corps said. At a 
Congressional committee hearing the week of October 24, Senators asked why the 
Corps had not released more water from reservoirs to head off further problems before 
the next flood season arrives. Officials with the Corps responded there would not be 
enough time “to get the water out of the flood plain, out of farms, out of homes, out of 
businesses” or for federal and state agencies to inspect and repair infrastructure before 
the next flood season, which starts in March. The repair work — such as rebuilding the 
Birds Point levee in Missouri, which was blasted during the summer flooding — has 
stretched the Corps’ budget about as far as it can go, a division spokesman said. The 
Corps identified 93 repair projects in the Mississippi basin south of St. Louis, more 
than 20 of which are crucial to protecting people and property from damage in the next 
flood season. If money were available, the Corps could complete the work before 
March, but ”at the current funding levels, it may be difficult to do that,” officials said. 
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