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Wastewater Treatment plant were cast in such a way that leakage of acidic waste across 
a joint corroded metal couplers over a long time, the Associated Press reported October 
31. Two plant operators died April 5 when a concrete wall fell onto the control building 
where they were working. The collapse sent about 850,000 gallons of untreated sewage 
into the Little Pigeon River. The agency concluded construction of the wall that 
collapsed during a period of heavy rain was done in such a way that it produced what is 
called a “cold joint.” The construction allowed acidic effluent to corrode reinforcing 
bar splice couplers. The report said the couplers probably did not all fail in the collapse, 
but gave way over many years. Construction of the equalization basin, where the failure 
occurred, was completed in 1996. Inspectors also found the contractor has used splicing 
couplers instead of dowels, which were specified in the design of the basin. The 
TOSHA, however, concluded the switch was not, in itself, a cause of the collapse, but 
the change did accelerate deterioration. 
October 30, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel
 – (Florida) Contaminated water advisory 
issued in Fort Lauderdale. Recreational waters in the Seminole Canal area of Fort 
Lauderdale, Florida, have been contaminated by sewage, the city and health department 
said in a health alert October 30. Residents and businesses abutting the canal should not 
allow swimming, fishing, jetskiing, or any other activities in the canal, said a release 
from city officials who had conferred with the Broward County Health Department. 
The source of the contamination is an October 30 overflow of treated wastewater at the 
George T. Lohmeyer Wastewater Treatment Plant. There was no indication how long 
the health advisory will be in effect. 
October 28, WNCT 9 Greenville
 – (North Carolina) Windsor wastewater sewage spill 
cleaned up. WNCT 9 Greenville reported that 73,000 gallons of partially treated 
wastewater spilled October 28 into a ditch that flows into Broad Branch in Windsor, 
North Carolina. Broad Branch is a tributary of the Cashie River. The discharge was the 
result of a blockage in the flow line and lasted for 8 hours. Town officials said the 
blockage was removed to prevent further discharge. 
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Public Health and Healthcare Sector 
October 31, Associated Press
 – (Illinois) Hundreds displaced by fire at Ill. health 
facility. A fire forced the evacuation of about 400 residents at the Lydia Healthcare 
Center in Robbins, Illinois, October 31. The Robbins fire chief said the fire started in a 
mattress and was probably caused by smoking. Firefighters doused the fire, but the 
building had to be closed due to smoke and water damage. Fire officials said three 
residents and an employee were taken to a hospital with smoke inhalation, but their