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Eating Right Veggie Burgers, which include milk, Food Safety News reported October 
31. The label does not list milk as an ingredient. The frozen burgers were manufactured 
by Gardenburger and distributed by Lucerne Foods. Safeway was notified of the 
situation by a consumer. 
October 31, Associated Press
 – (Kansas) Three more victims found after explosion 
at Kansas grain facility. The bodies of the final three victims of an October 29 grain 
elevator blast that killed six people and injured two others were recovered October 31 
in Kansas, a company official said. Three victims were found during the weekend of 
October 29 and 30, but unstable concrete, hanging steel beams, and other damage had 
forced crews to temporarily call off their search at the Bartlett Grain Co. facility in 
Atchison. The explosion was a reminder of dangers workers face inside elevators 
brimming with combustible grain dust at the end of harvest season. The blast fired an 
orange fireball into the night sky, shot off a chunk of the grain distribution building 
directly above the elevator, and blew a large hole in the side of a concrete silo. The 
search for three people presumed dead — another worker and two grain inspectors — 
was temporarily halted October 30 because of fears the building could fall on rescuers. 
The Bartlett Grain president said in a statement that workers were loading a train with 
corn when the explosion occurred, but the cause of the explosion remained unclear. The 
company brought in a South Dakota-based engineer with expertise in such accidents to 
help federal safety investigators. Over the past four decades, there have more than 600 
explosions at grain elevators, killing more than 250 people and injuring more than 
1,000, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 
October 30, Food Safety News
 – (National) Rite Aid recalls butter cookies. Rite Aid 
is recalling approximately 85,000 tins of Rich Fields-brand butter cookies because they 
may be contaminated with Bacillus cereus, Food Safety News reported October 30. The 
recall was initiated after the company conducted quality testing on the affected product 
because of an uncharacteristic odor. The recalled cookies, sold exclusively in Rite Aid 
stores, are in 12ounce tins featuring either a decorative castle or Christmas designs. 
Rite aid has about 4,700 stores in 31 states, and the District of Columbia. 
October 30, Food Safety News
 – (Missouri) Store salad bars implicated in St. Louis 
outbreak. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, federal health investigators from 
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were in St. Louis to help determine the 
source and scope of the E. coli outbreak that has so far sickened at least 23 people 
across the region, Food Safety News reported October 30. Local hospitals started 
reporting E. coli infections October 24 in St. Louis, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Clair 
counties. St. Louis County health officials confirmed the source of the E. coli O157 
strain was foodborne, and there were signs a local grocery chain may be involved. 
Schnucks stores across the region voluntarily replaced or removed some lettuce in salad 
bars, a company spokeswoman said. Three of the infected people who have been