Hi Jason,


I have asked Docparser support for the version.  They said they were using pdftotext.


I did contact them first and they said they use PopplerUtil to render the text.  Thus, I contacted you.  Docparser also said it could be how the file was created, therefore I contacted Abyyy.  Abbyy said it is rendering since no other application (other than Docparser) sees those spaces.


Do you see any problem with how the file is written?




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Comment # 3 on bug 105867 from Jason Crain

If this is part of some software you've purchsed, you should contact docparser
for support.
I'm guessing this is using poppler's pdftohtml to display the PDFs, though I
can't reproduce this issue. pdftohtml, pdftocairo, and pdftotext from poppler
0.62 are working correctly for me with no extra spaces. What version of poppler
are you using?

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