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StartProject name entered into Sharepoint by initiator and included in “New Tap” email notification.Interconnect request is received by tap committeeProducer has M&R/Tap name that does not include the producing companies name?Producer is asked (Tap Request Form) if they have a name for the Measurement Station (not their compressor or other facility).Is the proposed name simple and unique with respect to DTI’s system?GPS coordinates from tap request are entered into mapping system (Google Earth, Mapquest Sharepoint, etc)YesNoYesLocate nearest Road, Geographical features, Landmarks, etc for potential names.Contact appropriate DTI personnel as needed for info on naming of current/in progress facilities.No..Naming Convention for the DTI Interconnect ProcessBy: RNNDate: July 22, 2013Rev: 2Was there potential name in the vicinity?YesSelect a random name.No