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Data and AI are converging. The success of Apache Spark has accelerated the evolution of data teams to include data analytics, science, engineering, and AI. Summit brings together thousands of data teams to learn from practitioners, leaders, innovators, and the original creators of Spark, Delta Lake, MLflow, and Koalas.

Summit is for you if you are:
Apache Spark™ Developer, Data and ML Engineer, Data Scientist, Infrastructure / Site Reliability Engineer, Researcher, Data Practitioner, Key Decision Maker, Business Executive.

Registration is now open

Data + AI Summit Europe will take place 17-19 November and is now open for registration! Formerly known as the Spark + AI Summit, this free and virtual event is expanded to bring together the world’s leading experts on data analysis, data engineering, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to explore the convergence of big data, analytics, and AI.

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