Is This Dutch Classic Finally As Cool As A BMW?

Photography by Pim Verest

From his first car, a Volkswagen Beetle, Pim Verest has been learning how to maintain and customize a classic. But at 23, he was ready for a new challenge: to make a DAF cool. Living in Eindhoven, the hometown of this once-popular Dutch brand, most 66 seen on the roads are kept original.

But not Pim’s: this once ochre yellow, €1,900 66 was repaired, given Minilite wheels, refreshed mechanicals, a lowered suspension, DAF Marathon-inspired stripes, and an entirely new 1,400-cc engine. Most importantly, at 90 horsepower and ~1650 lbs (750 kg), it’s enough poke to give even classic BMW owners something to dice with on a twisty road.

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