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In order to commit to your new project, go to your projects git repo (created with the rhc app create command) directory.

For example, if you named your application myfirstapp (by passing in -a myfirstapp to the rhc app create command), you would find the contents of this app located under myfirstapp/src/main/webapp. You can edit that and push your changes from the myfirstapp directory by running:

    git commit -a -m 'Some commit message'
    git push

Then reload this page.

See the myfirstapp/README file for more information on the options for deploying applications.

Sample Applications

To get started you can either modify the default war or try one of these samples:

Example usage:

  cd kitchensink
  git remote add upstream -m master git://
  git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master


View debugging information about the server environment including memory pools by loading this JSP page: Debug

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