1.2. General Notes

1.2. General Notes

OS Support

hts is for certifying systems to run RHEL 4 and RHEL 5.


hts should be run using the root account.


Certifications are to be run with SELinux enabled, Targeted Policy, with Enforcing on. The suite will test for this and fail otherwise.

Required Packages

lmbench, stress, dt, dbus


Certifications for models supporting full virtualization must include a separate test using HTS in the fully-virtualized guest. The guest OS must be the same RHEL release as the host. Required packages, SELinux and Firewall settings are the same as is used to testing the host.


Bugs should be submitted to Red Hat's Bugzilla (bugzilla.redhat.com) under the "Red Hat Hardware Test Suite" product; for all test issues, select the appropriate test name as the component. Infrastructure issues should be submitted under the "harness" component.

Submitting Results

The Hardware Catalog (hardware.redhat.com) will not accept results from the hts package at this time.